Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nerd Syndrome Acts Up Again...

It's getting really late now, but i didn't wanna lose my daily blogging streak. haha! I've been studying from 6.30 till now, 10.50pm. Not the longest i've gone for, but i've learnt tons during that period. I'm feeling confident about tommorrow's Science test. I'm gonna ace it! Not for me, not for my pride, but for my God.

I know i've just earned myself an entire year of baggig from Jase, but i don't care anymore. he bags me everyday, keeps talking about my bad results, and most of all, bagging my religion -.-" Oh yea, and the fact that i'm not gonna have pre-marital sex. He goes around the school literally telling everyone about it. It's not that i'm ashamed of it or anything, but the responses of my fellow MHS dudes was shocking. I mean, it was shocking to me, but it was shocking to them too. lol!

I thank God for giving me such supportive parents. My mum just gave me a bowl of cookies and cream flavoured icecream over some delicious mudcake. My dad said that he'll be there if i encountered any problems while studying. What more can one ask from one's parents? I thank God for them!

The scheduled "soccer training" today turned out to be a total smudge -.-" Ganella, the teacher in charge, organised it, got everyone informed, and then ditched us. Then came the debate about where we should play, on the oval or on the hockey field. Turk and Duc brought their boots, and they didn't want to play on the hockey field while the rest of the asians couldn't be stuffed walking to the oval. lol! I was like a middleman... I had to tell the rest to give in to Johnny, Turk and Duc. There's like a war going among the 15 people in the soccer team -.-" They can't even set aside their differences for a training session, i don't know how they're gonna cooperate in an actual game. Why can't someone give in? Why can't someone show a little more grace? Did you, or rather, would you like it if someone showed you Grace? It looks like this years soccer season's over already if they don't start to wake up from their immature dream.

I thank God for the Grace he's shown me. Cuz without it, i wouldn't be what i am now.
So be Gracious!

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