Thursday, May 05, 2005

DQ -.-"

Today was a day of mixed feelings, full of action, and a big waste of time -.-" Alright, i started the day getting off the right side of the bed, but at the wrong time x.-" I woke up and peeked at my watch, i saw something hours and 20 minutes AM, so i presumed that it was 6.20AM. I walked to the toilet and realised that no one else was awake. After washing up, and getting all ready for school, i realised that it was only 5.40AM! I had only slept for 6 hours. haha!

Well, i got to school at 8AM met up with some athletics dudes, boarded the bus. Guess where the athletics events were held. Epping -.-" Sigh...It was such a long bus ride! About 90 minutes a trips, that's a total of 3 hours to and fro. I was sacrificing a WHOLE day of school just for one event - 100m x 4. I wanted to make it count.

We arrived at the stadium at 10AM, and i was informed that my event would be at 2.15PM. -.-" I was in for an extremely boring time. There were 10 other schools there - Mac Rob, Uni High, Brentwood, etc. Oh yes, during the four hours of spare time i had, i helped out with the high jump, listened to the FUNNIEST comedian ever from Jamie's mp3, chatted to some random people and met a dude who knew my sis.

I was extremely nervous as i got down on the starting line, awaiting the gunshot. However, it was a different kind of anxiety, it was kindda like... a confidence boosting feeling. lol! What an irony, anyway, i was feeling really pumped up, all ready to spring forward at the gunshot. According to my friends, and some random people who talked to me after the race, i was a "gun", and i was "owning the race". Well, the fact was that i ran a spectacular 100m, passed the baton on to Matthias, and he ran outstandingly well too. We had a 80m lead and i felt that victory was already in our grip. However, the change of baton between Tim and Chumith occured after the "change zone", and we were disqualified. -.-" I don't believe it, we could have, and SHOULD have won it easily. this case, i can firmly say without any sense of pride that the best team lost. Despite the sad result, i thank God for helping me run so well. I definately couldn't have done it without Him. There's still next year.

Made some Year 9 friends during the long bus ride back to school. Got to South Yarra station at about 4PM -.-" It was freezing cold, and i was in my shorts. loL! I couldn't be stuffed changing. Got to Glen Waverley at 4.30, waited half an hour in the cold in shorts. -.-" Well, i've always wondered what it really felt like to suffer from Hypothermia, no harm giving it a try.

The six hours of sleep that i had proved insufficent. I felt a terrible sense of fatigue creeping into my weary body while i was on the train back. I had to stand up through the whole journey, and my knees were giving way. When i finally got home, my eyelids just felt sooo heavy. I conjured up the remaining energy to look after Ryan and Caitlin. But i just couldn't go on after 5.30PM. lolz...i subconciously walked into my room, plopped myself on the bed and slept straight through till 7.40. -.-" Tired Apple..

Despite wasting an entire day, i learnt some stuff.
- Shit happens
- Always remain humble
- Always give thanks
In my opinion, humility is the most important thing in any sporting event. Most people like to have over-exegerated celebrations to boost their pride, but i'd rather have pride in humility.

Alright, the next big sporting event up is the Inter-Form Soccer Competition coming up. My form's taking on Harish's form tomorrow during lunch. We're SUPPOSED to be the best team around, but guess what... -.-" Our star player, Turk's not playing for us...and i might not be fully fit. haha! That only leaves us with our "PRO" (Add a "UD" to that) captain Jason, and Big Kev. Hmm...i sure hope shit doesn't happen. haha! =)

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