Friday, May 20, 2005

Sorry Tommy! was a day full of ups and downs. More downs than Ups though. Started the day off pretty badly, had a History test on foreign policy, which i didn't study for -.-" I mean, i did study for History, but i spent 3 hours studying Whitlam instead of the Australian Foreign Policies after 1949!!!! Ahh!!!! I couldn't believe myself. I totally flunked the test, i guess that the Korean War started in 1954, when it actually started in June 1950 and ended three years later -.-"" The teacher's gonna be sooo pissed.

Straight after History came Inter-form soccer. As i said yesterday, we were up against a pretty tough opponent, Tommy's class. There was no real threat in da first half, and we managed to poke our noses in front through a left-footed strike by Sid. Turk then added some cushion with a powerful cracker which was too hot to handle for the poor keeper, Ann. It was 2-0 by half-time. I had an average game at the back, didn't let any shots get through to Jase, and got the Mason really pissed. It even got to the stage when he started shoving me into da wall.

There were about 6 people on the bench - Banh, Arpit, Sid, Nick Ross, Nick Venables, Zannon. I had pity on them because they got changed up and all, so i got myself replaced. It was alright for the first 2 minutes, but Zannon gave away a stupid penalty for stepping into the keeper's semi-circle -.-" Tommy, not surprisingly, slotted it nice and calmly into the extreme right hand corner. Jason, who had been doing well, dived the right way, got a small touch to it, but it wasn't good enough to withhold Tommy's quality. It was 2-1, and the spectators roared as they saw a glimpse of hope for a possible comeback. Jason quickly put me back in defence. Kev, Turk, Sid and especially Johnny spurned some easy chances to make it 3-1. While Tommy persistantly edged against our solid backline, he was literally firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, none of them were aimed towards goal. Oh, there was one highlight though, Tommy did it brilliant deft flick past Johnny and was heading towards goal with just me standing in his way. I made a precise sliding tackle, and dispossessed him. The spectators roared and applauded. Oh, that was a great feeling.

With 2 minutes to go, i decided to come off. However, Kevin and Johnny left huge gaps in the defence. They got away once, twice..... but Tommy punished them with a killer strike, giving Jason no chance at all. It was 2-2, with barely a minute left. I was called back on, and we wore the clock down, for a period of Extra Time. haha! The situation was intense. Everyone was cheering, as there was a big possibility that Tommy's class could steal the win.

Hey Tommy, i'm really sorry. I really didn't mean it, it was really stupid of me to do that. I mean, i should be a little more experienced. were so brave in going for the header. This Soccer game was one of the downs of today. I'm feeling really bad. I caused grief to a good friend of mine. Sigh... is a soccer game worth it?

5 Minutes ofExtra Time. The atmosphere was as tense and as pressurising as a fully-packed train carriage as a result of 5 "Connex Apologises For Any Inconvenience Caused" announcements. The lunch bell had already gone, and so had half the spectators. Only the loyal ones stayed behind. (Thanks to all who did!) In the first minute, a long ball was pumped down into our defensive area, and Tommy and i were going for da ball. I stuck my foot high to clear the ball before it could bounce, but i misjudged it carelessly. Instead, i caught Tommy's face with my right shoe. I was horrified when i saw him fall to the floor. I seriously didn't mean it. Sigh... Sorry Tommy.

Things started to turn bad after that. A free kick in a dangerous spot. Tommy took it and it hit the post. In my opinion, he had a strong claim for a goal, but it wasn't given. Straight after, Turk was holding up a defender. I made a run from defence, he made a deft pass to me, i took it past one defender, and past another and whipped in a powerful shot past Ann. There was truckloads of adrenaline pumping into my head at that moment. It was to a certain extent, the winning goal. But i still felt bad because i had hurt Tommy.

But that wasn't it, that retarded Jason just had to taunt Tommy and he started chasing Jason around the soccer court -.-" He was furious, fist clenched, all ready to punch the daylights outta Jase. I had to hold him back. Denholm, the referee, sent both of them off. Stupid Jase, i should have let him bash you!

Turk added one more to his name, making the final score 4-2. We were through to the finals. Their team was nothing without Tommy. It didn't have a backbone. Thus, Denholm declared us the victors with 2 minutes to go. There was bad blood. Probably a broken friendship that'll never be mended. Why? Because of a stupid soccer game.

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