Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I'm totally baffled after today's shocking events. Firstly, LIVERPOOL WON CHELSEA! haha! Go Reds! They've finally made it into the Finals, that's where they truely belong! Jin and his group of friends, esp Harish and Marcus, were bagging Liverpool last week....take that! But i reckon Liverpool could never have done that all by themselves.. i believe that was a result of my constant prayer. haha! seriously! Go Liverpool!

Alright, just two hours ago, i left my laptop on with my MSN online.. little did i know that my WMP was also playing. -.-" I came back after dinnner only to see Turk bagging me..his nick read "LOL - Isaac is listening to BACKSTREET BOYS (and according to a recent survey, isaac also sucks!)" haha! i don't believe i'm getting bagged because of that! A few moments later, i find 3 other friends bagging me - Trent, Jono and Duc. -.-"

I'm feeling extremely nervous right now..i've gotta wake up extra early tomorrow to get ready for the athletics competition. Sigh...i've never ran competitively, and i have a strong feeling that i'll stuff up. I'm gonna be the first runner of the 4x100m relay, and i just hate the tension build-up before the gunshot. -.-" There's no way i'll be able to do this alone, Lord, please help me!

Think of the worst movie you've ever seen...alright, the German movie that i saw today "Downfall" is a million times worst than that. I can't believe i missed half a day of school just to watch that piece of crap -.-" It was about what Hitler went through at the end of the Second World War...there was so much suicide, so much killing and lots of immoral stuff. There were many useless scenes like that of topless women which served no purpose at all -.-" Sigh...i can't think of another other reason why the movie was made, except for the sadistic purpose of digressing people into a state of utter depression.

I spent the whole of tonight taking care of Caitlin and Ryan. Hmm, i love the way Ryan counts. haha! he's soo cute..and he's finally learnt how to say my name! I'm so happy :) He knows how to make the sounds of a horse, an elephant, a fish, a bird, a lion, a cat, a dog and a cow. haha! He's sooo adorable!

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