Sunday, October 16, 2005

Shagged Weekend

Hey, the hit counter's going up consistently, but no one's tagging! Please add a little tag whenever you drop by. I feel sad whenever i don't see new tags. Anway, i expected this weekend to be an extremely tiring one, and it sure proved to be so. My eyelids are weighing down on my right now, and i feel like sleeping....but i can't..yet.

Yesterday was a fine day starting off with Chinese school. Crystal and i delivered this awesome oral presentation which sent the class bursting off in laughter. Blee and Simon did an hilarious impromptu job too! haha! The teacher was really impressed with us...that got my rather happy.

Well, that was followed by Jasmine's and Sarah's birthday party at Ruffy Lake Park. There were tons of people there, both young and old. I didn't know half the people there. Oh yea, before going there, i made a last minute, yet successful, attempt to get 4 cute little soft toys and a card for each of them for a bargain of $14!! haha! Don't ask me where i bought the presents. Anyway, there was this huge playground with lots of obstacles and all, but we had a challenging game of soccer on a sloped high instead.

I got home at 4.30pm, and started working on my Business Management assignment and finished it off at 12am, before catching the Liverpool VS Blackburn match. haha! Djibril Cisse finally shined for Liverpool, scoring the winning goal of a thrilling match which ended 1-0! I'm delighted, but fatigue's crawling into my bones and up my spine. Sigh... i spent about 7 hours yesterday on that stupid BM assignment, and another 4 hours completing it today.

There are four of us in a group - Tommy, Steven Tran, Harish and myself. I volunteered to compile all our work together and prepare the final copy for submission tomorrow. When Jase heard that Tommy was in my group, he made a $20 bet with me that we won't get an A+ for it -.-" haha! Jase, get ready to lose your $20! I wouldn't spend 11hours for anything less than an A+!

Steven Tran did an awesome job, and Harish did a semi-sloppy job -.-" I had to redo more than half of his work for him -.-" I did two awesome advertisement flyers and a membership card sample. His work looks so much better than mine now -.-" Argh... i'd crack if he got a higher mark than me. Anyway, Tommy's still working on his assignment. Sigh... he's been giving me heaps of trouble, and i'm really getting frustrated. I hope he'll get a good job done by tonight.

The exams are coming up in two weeks, and i'm already feeling the pressure mounting on. I slept at 2am last night...and i'm feeling the effects of it now. Sigh... I'm supposed to be doing this break dancing thing for the Youth Rally coming up on the 5th of November. I'm really pumped up for it, and i've already invited tons of friends...but i've got no time to go for the break-dancing practices. Argh...

God, please help me.

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