Monday, October 17, 2005

Smile! It's My Birthday Tommorrow.

It's my Birthday tomorrow! So leave a tag to wish me Happy Birthday. And remember the 18th of October is my birthday! Break your leg tomorrow, or do something drastic so that you can remember it! haha!

When i was born, all i wanted was to see a smile. Now, i really want to be a pro guitarist, a good student and to grow closer to God. About 50 years from now, i think i'll be craving for a smile again. The exams are in two weeks, and i can hardly afford the time to smile. There's just so much work to finish off being going into a full-on study mode.

I really need a haircut soon, but there's no time! I envy my friends back in Singapore. Their exams were long over. I can't wait for my exams to be over. I was handing out the Fungus Rally cards today in school, and i got a whole lot of flak from my friends, especiallly Jase. He says that the location's too far from his house, and he refuses to sleep over at my place -.-" Sigh... i'm not one to be all temperamental and all, but i'm becoming like one. I've been sacrificing my time even though my exams are soon approaching to learn how to break dance and all; for the sole purpose of "incensing" my friends to come for the Rally. Well, it means a lot to me that my friends turn up.

Many people have asked me what i wanted for my birthday, and i said to all of them,

"All I want is a Smile." =)

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