Saturday, October 08, 2005

Spiteful Traps...

Why do i keep falling? It's plain wrong! I can see them as clear as day, but these spiteful traps always get the better of me. I'm quite confused now. I strive to be honest, to be perfect and least...that was in the past. But what have i become? I don't know anymore... right now... the bad doesn't seem as bad as it used to be. Or rather... jokes aren't JUST jokes anymore... things are starting to get serious. The world around me is moving on, and i feel like i'm trapped in this tender bubble of innocence... the trouble only comes when it pops.

I know you're angry... i'm sorry.

I went to Chinese school this morning and had a pretty good time there. Managed to catch up with Blee a little. I haven't been talking to her much lately because of school work. Sigh... in this world, you'll only get a handful of genuine friends; she's one of them.

After school Jerusha and i met up with Nick, Shuan, Joyce and BIG Tim (I'm gonna call Tim that from now on cuz i've sorta realised that he's my age xP). I was pretty lost then. No one tells me anything these days...haha! that really sounds like a cliche. But i had absolutely no clue why we were meeting up with them for, so i just brought them to the food court at The Glen for lunch. Sadly, Shaun, Nick and i ended up having oriental meals -.-" I would have brought them to Bob's Kitchen if i knew that they wanted Chinese food!

Anyway, Nick had to buy a present for Quint, Shuan had to get something for grace, and Joyce and Tim were shopping for something. As for me, i went home at 3pm and spent the next 4 hours or so working on my Geography assignment -.-""

I was really happy when i saw lyd, joce and dawn post. haha! Glad you gals haven't forgotten me! I wonder how much longer i would be able to keep in touch with my Singaporean friends for... time to move on? Yea, i think so...

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