Thursday, October 20, 2005

Too Serious?

I had a splendid day today. School whizzed past in the blink of an eye. It was supposed to be "muck-up" day today, and the Year 12s did lotsa immature stuff. Really, i found it really puzzling why Year 12s, the most senior in the entire high school, would choose to embarrass themselves in acts of pure immaturity, only to end up losing all their respect! Triggering $5000-per-call fire alarms, "egging" random people, firing water guns and blockading the front entrance.Hmm... i don't know if i'll be doing the same things in two years...

The dude and i had a great time of Futsal today, as usual. Mr.Ganella, our Soccer coach, rocked up today. We got into 4 teams, and played in a mini-tournament. Peter, Michael Duong, Pramok, Eric and i formed a team. We didn't have much quality, but we managed to stick together as a team to win the first game 3-1, and beat the second team 5-0. I scored three goals! haha!

Then came the finals against Turk, Duc, Darren, Welson and Paul -.-" An All-Star team. Anyway, we managed to pull away with a fluke goal when Pramok took a shot from the kick-off which deflected off Darryn into the top corner. Then Darryn got his revenge when his shot was deflected by Pramok into our top corner -.-"""" After that, the game was held in a balance until Turk made this spectacular dummy that got my completely fooled, and slotted the ball calmly into the bottom corner -.-" We were 2-1 down. At that point in time, i really thought that there was no hope, but i managed to get our noses level with through a corner-kick that deflected off the keeper. IN the end, we lost 1-0 on penalties. Turk converted his, and mine was saved -.-"

I've gotta rush off now! Cya peeps! Keep tagging!

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