Thursday, October 13, 2005

Owen rocks da house again!

Owen shoots, and he scores!!!! With that amazing win against Poland, English will finish at the top of their groupm ensuring them a place in next year's thrilling World Cup Competition. Yippee! Owen never fails to impress, he's scored 5 goals in the last 5 games. What a sensation. It really made my day when i read the amazing news this morning.

Anyway, today's scripture is:

"Be devoted to one another... Honour one another above yourselves."
- Romans 12:10 NIV

Do you find it hard to regard others higher than yourself? Well, i do sometimes... or maybe... most of the times. But i'll strive hard to remain humble, and to put others ahead of me. Then again, i was just reminded of some suckers that practice "self-sacrifice" in order to gain the attention of "cool" people. Nah, that's different. I'm talking about sacrificial love here...

My body feels stoned from Futsal. I didn't come away with all three wins today, Turk stole one from me -.-""" haha! He was all smiles as he left the futsal arena, proclaiming, "haha! I beat isaac today!" Well done Turk, you deserved it. See? It doesn't matter who you've got on your team, all it takes is a good captain to manage it.

I hate losing stuff. Have you ever had one of those feelings when you think you've forgotten to bring something along, and you can't be stuffed thinking about what you think you've forgotten only to realise a few hours later that you've actually forgotten something really important. haha! That happened to me today. Jase was kind enough to get me a Pro Evo CD today, and i can't seem to find it now. Sigh... i hope it's in my locker.

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