Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 18th of Oct

I didn't think that my 16th would be memorable, but some of my friends made me feel appreciated. I started the day of rather anxious because of my VCE Chinese Oral exam. I took a train down to the assessment centre down at Camberwell and time really flew by.. i was in the exam room before i knew it! I did really well at the General Conversation, but i totally flunked the Detailed Study part. Sigh... i hope that doesn't stuff my study score up :(

Anyway, i spent the rest of the day in the city with Marcus and Charlie and then Marcus and i went to play Soccer with our friends after they finished school. I kindda promisedmyself that i wouldn't play Soccer on my birthday.. but there was nothing else to do :) haha! I ended up decking Jase as he was rushing out for the ball.

We went to Sofia's with the Phoon's and the Hoe's to celebrate our birthday(s?) last night. I had a really fun time there.. Charmaine walked into the restaurant carrying a boucy pink ball with a smiley face on it! lol! It was a "birthday ball" for my sis. She gave me a yellow rubber ducky and George the Penguin (Her husband)! loL! Have a look. Thanks Char! Shauna and Dan gave me a black and white Smiggle file set and some Schoko-Bons!!! haha! Yummy! Thanks Shauna and Dan! =) You guys should learnt to get along!

I received soooo many birthday smses yesterday. lol! Thanks to everyone who took the time and the effort to do so, i really appreciate it :) Thank God for you guys! Have a look at the awesome card my friends gave me today! Thanks for organising the card Banh! I really appreciate it =)

lol! I was amazed at the amouny of signatures on it! The dinner at Sofia's was fabulous! But we ordered WAY too much food. haha! Venetia, Valerie, Charmaine and Jerusha were making up "inside" jokes and they kept laughing at all the little things that i did, but i didn't know what they were laughing about! -.-" haha! Girls are hard to understand. I took quite a few pictures yesterday, but DANIEL just HAD TO DELETE most of them JUST because he didn't look good in them -.-"""""""" So these are just a few from my crappy phone camera. I'll get some off Daniel's camera later on.
Look at Valerie pose... she's SUCH a poser!!!

See this picture? She was telling me that she wasn't a poser.. but a grin immediately appeared on her face the moment i pointed the camera at her.

My dad was talking about what it was to be 16 years old.. and he jokely made the remark that we've gotta be responsible for our own laundry, food and room. And that last point struck me hard. My room is actually VERY messy.. and it's been killing me! I absolutely hate mess and untidiness, but i've been too busy to do anything about my messy room. So i committed to packing my room up today, and i fulfilled my plan in deeds as i spent one and a half hours sorting out my shelves and my closet. I ended up taking out more than 10 sets of clothes outta my closet and chucking away 4 FULL bags of paper and study material. I feel much better now.. there's more space to move about in my room now :)

Well, here are a few pictures from the VSSSA State Athletics competition a few days ago. There's our winning team: i'm on the left, Tim's beside me, then Matthias and then Chamith on the extreme right. Look at how huge our compeititors are! Bare in mind that we're standing on the highest platform. lol! The organisation that took these photos, WinkiPop Media, is a TOTAL rip-off! They're charging $15 PER PHOTO! loL! I'll probably buy one though =)

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