Monday, October 09, 2006

Tulip Farm!

This weekend was a massive one! There were so many events that i don't know where to start! I celebrated Mid Autumn Festival by having nice Western dinner with my family (ironically) instead of going for study group. Then we invited some Fungus friends over for supper. My mum made a delicious apple sponge cake which we gobbled down with whipped cream and ice-cream. Qynn, Sonja, Sarah, Jasmine, Keean, Tony, Josh and Franny were the pple that came =) Hope you enjoyed yourselves pple!

I had Chinese school in the morning and i had lunch with Marcus after that at the food court in The Glen. I've always thought the food that was crap, but the beef burrito meal that i had that afternoon was absolutely fantastic! I'm salivating even as i think about it now... aww.. i'll take Harish there next week. After lunch, i headed down to the city for TSFX with Harish while Marcus spent the rest of the day in the library. haha! He's so committed!

I had something to eat with Harish after TSFX, and then i bought a strawberry cheesecake from Michel's for Sarah and Keean's birthdays. Then i went to the top level of MC to chill for an hour and a half before meeting up with the Fungus pple, who drove down from church, for JUMPSTART! Boo yah! I was walking around with the cake and all, and we were trying to hide it from Sarah, but the rest of the gals were quick to spot it and i think the surprise was wrecked even before it became a surprise-.-"

Jumpstart was pretty good. I was extremely impressed by the Hip Hop and Breakdancing. Some of the manouvres were just incredible and unbelieveable. Some of the KO crew were pretty cocky though, they were showing off their moves even after the music had stopped -.-"""

Anyway, we left at the interval and went to some Azn restaurant for supper. The egg chiffon on rice was an absolute classic! Booyah! ANother awesome meal! Then we "surprised" Sarah and Keean with the birthday cake, which was all melted and all cuz i bought it 5 hours ago -.-" Anyway, we took turns to eat it with a single spoon. LOL! How disgusting is that?!?!? The restaurant owners were getting rather annoyed as we were making a din. x.x""

Well, Sunday was even better. I promised my parents that i'll go to some Tulip farm up in Dandenong last week instead of Fungus, and i couldn't go back on my word... so i went there not expecting much. Tim, Andrew, Jeremy, Charmaine, Venetia, Valerie, Jerusha, Wesley, Ryan and Caitlin (and their parents) came along too. We had an awesome pinic lunch before heading off for the Tulip farm. The farm had a fantastic ambience, but i wasn't too impressed by the tulips.. sure, they were colourful and beautiful, and the magnitude of tulips made the scene look even more impressive... but something was lacking.. probably the sunshine xD

Venetia, Valerie and Jerusha were sooo mischievious at the Tulip farm -.-" Charmaine was wearing something really thin and it was pouring down rain and she obviously was freezing in the cold.. so i offered her my jacket.. and the gals were like "oooo..." -.-""" Anyway, we had a fun time walking around the farm... looking at the scary figures that hung from the trees... giggling at the female bagpipe player that looked like a man... playing footy and getting my hands dirty with poo (Venetia!!!).. getting our shoes totally muddied... eating those awesome Punskadita (some danish delicacy).. and watching Ryan do hilarious stunts in puddles of water...

Oh, i just finished making Sarah's birthday present today. I reckon it's one of the best gifts i've made.. hmm.. i don't even make such nice gifts for Joce! (sry joce! x.x") Yea, anyway.. i was jotting some lines about love while waiting for the bus... bare in mind that i was jotting these lines down in pencil off the top of my head. it doesn't make much sense... but here goes:

Love stretches out through vast eternity,
Just as words can move a solemn heart.
But love, just as these words are written in pencil,
Can be rubbed out of existence in an instance.
The only thing holding it in place,
The fragile bond between the two,
Is the choice not to.

Check out the photos!
BTW, Venetia and Valerie, you gals are such posers!!!

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