Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Unfailing Love..

Chris introduced this song to Fungus two Sundays ago. I didn't realise how beautiful it was until i listened to it carefully today. My heart goes soft, my hands feel weak and i get all emotional whenever i hear it. It sparks an unquenchable thrist in my heart for the Lord... just to say how much i love him.

I skipped school to spend the day studying at home.. but i felt compelled to blog when i heard this song. haha! I LOVE YOU GOD! I woke up this morning and i resolved to commit the day to him. My exams are up next week.. VCE BM in 2 weeks and VCE Chinese in 3 weeks. I'm really unprepared for it.. i'll probably fail Maths General, i know i'm in for a whole lot of study over the next 3 weeks. But i felt like giving him the earliest hours of my day, just after i wake up, before breakfast...

I've been feeling an urge to compose a song for God... it's a gift that he's given me, but i've been brushing it aside due to a "lack of time"... i decided to give God all the time he needed this morning.. and he composed an AWESOME song through me today.. I got my inspiration from Psalm 8.

The Works of Your Hands

Lord your glory,
Stretches out to the ends of the earth
Lord your greatness,
None can compare to you my God.

Look there's the sun,
It shines for You.
The mountains roar and the rivers sing,
So will my soul cry out.

How wondrous are the works of your hands!
You set the moon on its humble course.
You place the stars right where you want them.
Lord, i don't know.
I don't understand,
Why you would die for me.
O what do you see in me?

& isaac
*For the times when i didn't have time for you, you stuck with me and made me realise that you are more important than my exams and my friends. Lord what do you see in me? I adore you.

Lord, your love is unfailing.
It brings a smile to my face
When the sun sets and world seems dark.
You're a God of Grace and Power..
You hold the World in your hand..
Yet you make time for me?
How beautiful are the works of your hands!
I marvel at the horizon that depicts your smile.
And at the way you conduct the waves of the sea..
How the mountains bow before you
And how the birds of the air sing your praise.
But i'm caught up with earthly treasures,
I'm concerned about how i look,
And how others look at me.
May you turn my eyes to look at you,
For you are real..
You never change..
You'll always remain..
Your unfailing love.
Lord, what have i done to deserve your love?

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