Monday, October 16, 2006

VSSA State Athletics Finals

It's my first time competing in a Athletics State Finals. We were unlucky not to have made it last year.. but i'm pretty confident that we'll win it tomorrow, if God's willing.

Sometimes we're more than able to, but something unexpected always comes in the way to prevent you from doing so; from unleashing your true potential.

I find this very consistent with my endeavours. I don't know. Do i crumble under pressure?

I enjoy running, playing soccer and composing music. I don't think i'm an awesome soccer player, but i'm not a dud. Still, i fail to perform whenever i'm concious that someone's watching me. I like to have FUN when i'm playing soccer.. i like to take pple on, do some nutmegs, have a good laugh over it... and playing competitively just robs the fun from the game. Well, i guess i'll have to LEARN to have fun while competing. Qynn told me that he's gonna enter us into a Church Futsal league sometime this November.. hopefully we'll do well =)

Well, this week's gonna be pretty full on for me. I've got that Aths comp at 6.45pm tmr. Pray for me if you're reading this. Thanks! Prayer works, i'm sure of that! It'll be my first state-level victory if we win it =) Then i've got the VCE Chinese Oral Exam, which i've been stressing excessively over, on Wednesday, which coincidentally happens to be my Birthday =( haha! I've never had such an important exam on my Birthday..

My sis has been busy organising some Birthday dinners and parties with various pple, and i'm thankful that she's taking all the burden off me... but come to think about it... i don't really care about my Birthday. I seem to care more about other people's birthdays.. like what presents i should get them, or how am i gonna surprise them and stuff like that... and i thought that i would be excited when my own birthday comes along..

Till i realised that i didn't really care. All i want to do on my 16th Birthday is to do well for my Chinese oral that morning.. and worship God for an hour or so... pray to Him and take the time to appreciate and thank Him for all He's done for me... and i'll probably compose a poem about my Birthday and what God has done for me... i'll be more than happy just to have God celebrate my birthday with me.. just like He did on my very first one =)

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