Monday, October 02, 2006

Back 2 School

I feel as though i'm on the final 100m of a 400m race. It's been a long and hard race, but it all comes down to this. A few birthdays are coming up: Sarah's, Jasmine's, Keean's... then Jerusha's haha! It's pretty darn full on. And i've got my VCE Chinese Oral on my birthday too -.-" Sigh..

The first day of school was alright i guess, apart from the fact that i got a mediocre 72% for my BM trial exam. I'm not too devastated about it, although i really should be.. it just shows that i've got a LONG way to go. Sigh.. i can't blog for too long. Gotta start doing some Chinese and BM every night.

Soccer was extremely tiring yesterday. There were a whole lot of pple that came along. I met this Super League player who was having a kick all by himself before we got to the field, so i had a chat with him and got to know him a lil. His name's Richard. I felt that God was impressing something on me, as though he wanted me to do something with Richard.. So i asked him if he was a Christian, and the answer was a negative one. That was great though! We swapped phone number's and we agreed that we would contact one another whenever we were playing soccer with our friends and whenever we wanted a challenge. haha! How cool's that?

Yea, i climbed a barbed wired fence yesterday. Well, it wasn't intentional. Someone booted the ball over the fence and i sprung up and over on impulse and i only realised that the sharp wires had actually pierced rather deeply into my right palm. So my entire weight was exerted through those sharp points directed into my palms.. when i got back onto the field, my palms started to hurt; there were 3 holes in it.. it reminded me of what Jesus had to bear.. i mean, if three small holes hurt that much... i wonder what would a giant nail feel like.. I don't know if the barbed wire was rusty.. but IF they were.. i stand a chance of getting Tatterness. lol! my mum says that it my be fatalistic.. but i don't care.. God's in full control.

Just wanna say that i was shocked when i heard that Nick was organising Jasmine's birthday party. Sometimes it's really hard for an older person/brother to express his love to a younger one/sister, especially after a really long time.

True freedom lies in the ability to interpret reality as one perceives it, to be able to say “2 + 2 = 4.”

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