Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Lover's Hand

Lover's Hand

Love is like a box of Skittles,
A burst of sweetness with every pick.
The blissful freshness in every flavour,
Keeps the tongue from falling sick.

A box, is just but a box;
Every breath of love has its confinements.
An empty box has no value,
A raw diamond with no refinement.

All of Love's power,
And its undisputed might.
Truely and humbly depend,
In the palm of a Lover's hand.


Many say that Love has power, and that it can do anything and make anything possible. Well, i wrote this poem because i felt that Love on itself HAS NO POWER. All the power it has comes from the choices of the two lovers to preserve it...

Love can take you to cloud nine, but it also can hurt you in many ways. Still, i believe that Love's power to "Build" and to 'Crumble" can be manipulated (it may not be easy) by the hands of Lovers. In another words, We are able to control Love.

This weekend was rather bludgy. Harish, Jin and i went to one of the Medical lecture theatres of Melbourne Uni for the LAST TSFX class. The theatre was rather grand. It had awesome-looking built-in sounds blasters at the back and sound proof walls. Anyway, i rushed down to Box Hill station and caught a bus to Jasmine's birthday party!

Happy Birthday Jasmine! Wishing you a blessed Birthday! You've always been there to cheer me up. You would always pop a little "hi" when im feeling low. Thanks for that! =)

The food at her party was top notch.. man, i can't remember eating so much in one night for a long while. There were quite a few pple there.. well, some of us had a little game of Soccer. Oh, and i gave Elysia a piggy-back ride all the way to the Soccer pitch. lol! that was a real workout!

Anyway, i had a nice chat with Ruth and Gabriel about lotsa stuff in the future... i taught Darren how to play his FIRST SONG (Do Lord) on the guitar! Booyah! It was really funny because Daz REFUSED to sing along while he strummed and i had to counsel him for about half and hour before he agreed to sing -.-"""

Most of the older dudes were playing DOTA, some of the girls were watching TV, the older "grand-mas" were having a chat around the dinner table, some others were on the Game-Cube. Well, Alvin and i spent most of the night playing the guitar while some gals sang along with us. Some girls came for a little while and then they left.. probably because of our poor guitar-playing skills.. but Danica, Steph and Angie were there for most of the time.. Aww man, that was one of the best times of my life.. i just love to sit there, laze around and play the guitar with a good mate. Thanks Alv!


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