Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More pics from the Tulip Farm!

I just finished go through my entire Chinese Oral that i'm going to have to present to two examiners next Wednesday. I feel only half prepared.. i've got a lot to catch up on for the remaining 7 days. I went for Athletics training after school instead of Soccer, but only Stevie, Jamie and Burke turned up -.-" Sigh... we only did some sprint starts in the 30 degree weather -.-" was a wasted sports arvo.. We've got a State Final next Tuesday. It's gonna be my first Athletics state representation for my school and hopefully our team will win it. We're still unfit and underprepared though.

I got home early today and i plonked myself in front of the couch and turned on the TV. There was a movie playing called "The Laws of Attraction" and a quote made by Brosnan caught my attention. He said to the lady that he loved,

"Call me old fashioned, but i believe that if you love someone you would be unselfish enough to give her what she wants."

And he willingly gave her a divorce after saying that. Man, that's true love.. sure, we hear pple saying that all the time.. like "i'll die for you... i'll do anything for you... blah blah blah" but how do you ever prove that? Honestly, i don't think i've ever loved a girl so much that i would be unselfish enough to give her anything as much as a divorce.

I still can't come to terms that my VCE exams are all in a matter of weeks away! and i'm feeling really lost right now, i don't know what or when to study for... i've decided that i'm not even gonna study for my year 11 subjects, i'll just concentrate on my 3/4's. Cuz i'll be able to have a relatively relaxing year next year with only four subjects if i ace Chinese and BM this year.

I can't wait for Jasmine's birthday party this weekend. I desperately need to get my mind off work.. then again.. i shouldn't do that at this time of the year -.-" Stress.

These are some photos that i got from Valerie. Thanks Val! =)

That's Wesley, Valerie's bro, wearing a lion hair band. loL! He's dopey and funny.

Ryan and Cailin posing for the cam. She looks so much like Aunty Angie. Ryan's a hardcore gangst

Ryan was practicing martial arts in a puddle of rainwater. lol!

As usual, sha's TRYING hard to be a try hard.

Da trio.
That's the group of us.. i dunno who's taking the picture..
Jeremy and his sissy fits!
Caitlin's so adorable!

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