Thursday, October 12, 2006


I was about to go to sleep last night but i decided to flick the TV on just to see what kindda shows were on at 11 at night.. I reckon that was one of the best decisions in my life.. There was this AWESOME documentary on SBS about Ginga, which is a vibrant, intelligence, instinctive and unpredictable sort of movement embedded deep within the Brazilian culture that gives them an edge in dancing and soccer.

Brazilians have always been top-class in Soccer, but the idea of their success stemming down from something in their blood, or in their culture, really intrigued me and i decided to stay up for the entire documentary. There was some breath-taking footage of legendary players like Falcao and Robinho showing off their fantastic soccer skills and attributing it to "Ginga". Some of their skills were really UNBELIEVEABLE.

That documentary really boosted my passion for Soccer even more! I feel more confident about dribbling and all just by watching that! I used to be an awesome dribble when i was younger because i wasn't afraid of taking on defenders or falling to the ground and getting hurt, i found it pure joy to beat a marker! But now, my natural dribbling instinct has been supressed and i pass the ball off at every opportunity just to earn the label of being a solid "team player". Sigh.. i wanna be more vibrant like those Brazilians are! They weave in and out of defenders like flies dodging fly-swatters! It's just pure brilliance!

I'm gonna commit to practicing some soccer skills at least once a week for about an hour or so just to improve on my ball control and dribbling skills. You all know that i'm a drop dead soccer-crazy fanatic, but i really don't have a proper soccer ball. Sigh.. i've got some balls but they're either the small ones used only for display or they're damaged in some way or another. I don't have one that's suitable for proper use. Hopefully i'll get one for my birthday! =)

Ginga... if only i was Brazilian.

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