Tuesday, October 17, 2006

God is Good

Have you ever felt so close to God that nothing can ever get in your way?

I felt sooo close to God today as i did my QT this morning. I committed my State Aths race, my VCE Chinese Oral exam and my Birthday to Him and i felt as if a whole load just lifted off my back.

I made it to Olympic Park at 5pm and i had a chat with the guys there. There were about 8 of us.. sigh, i was so nervous that i forgot to take any pictures!!! haha! Anyway, we were rather late for our 100 x 4 race. I was the last one to marshall and i was shocked at how BIG my opponents were. Some of them were two heads taller than i! -.-" I felt like David trying to take on an army of Goliaths. I shut my eyes and prayed as Adrenaline surged through my veins.

Then the umpire called us to our respective lanes. I was in lane 5, which is an average lane... not the best.. but not the worst either. Well, the atmosphere was soo intense and i couldn't hear anything but the strong beating of my heart.

"On your marks.."

"Get set"


I burst out of my blocks like a bullet and i had passed the baton on to Tim before i even had the time to comprehend what was going on. haha! I don't really know how well i did, but Tim gave us a pretty good lead in the 2nd run, then Chumith added gained more distance before Matthias finished it off at a BLISTERING pace! haha! He even ripped off the spikes on his shoes because he ran so quickly!

44.6 seconds.

Just 0.3 seconds off the record =(

It doesn't matter.. that was good enough to win us 1st place with about 15 metres to spare =)
I was intrigued at this:

we ran in the Under 16's 100 x 4 and we clocked a 44.6 seconds...
the Under 17's 100 x 4 clocked a 45.4 seconds..
the Opens (Over 18) 100 x4 clocked a 45.2 seconds.

haha! So theoretically, we could have ran in the either the U17's or in the Opens and won them both. Well , this is my first State level victory and i was so elated so that rushed up to Matthias at the finishing line and gave him a HUGE hug. loL! I just wanna give all glory to God!

I said a prayer with Matthias before the race, that God would sustain his injured hamstring for the race and to let us win. Well, that was what happened despite all the odds. See? Size doesn't matter when God's on your side! =)

It's my birthday tomorrow.. and i'm getting pretty excited. I can't wait to get my VCE Chinese Oral exam done and over with. Hmm... i don't know if anyone did anything for my birthday. But i know God sure did =)

Thank you Father for such elation and joy that you've given me.. for all that you've brought me through and for what you've made me to be. You answered when i asked and helped me find what was lost..

God is Good.

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