Sunday, November 06, 2005

Psychedelic Rally

I just came back from a picnic at a park somewhere hidden in the Dandenong Ranges. I feel like a lazy dog right now, cuz i stayed up late last night watching Liverpool triumph over Aston Villa 2-0!!!! Boo Yah!!!

The exams are all over, and this weekend has been fantastic! I had a party at Chinese school yesterday, and then i met up with Jin, Phan and Victor. I had invited them for the Youth Rally at 7pm that night but they decided to meet up with me 7 hours earlier! haha! Anyway, we made our way down to Box Hill for dance practice. Then we left for Crossway to get ready for the Youth Rally.

I just wanna thank Jin, Phan and Victor for being so patient. haha! They had to wait outside while i practiced for the dance, and they even helped to set up the chairs before the Rally. Thanks guys!

I had shitting myself minutes before the Rally started. Seriously... i almost pissed in my pants! We had only been practicing for two weeks, but never on a real stage. Furthermore, this stage had 2 levels, and we had to jump up and down to get into our various dance positions. But yea, i just had to trust God.

There were tons of teenagers that flocked into the hall, filling ALL the seats. I was glad that Harish, Marcus and Josh could come along too. I had rejected my invite Harish for the last two rallies, but he came last night after much persuasion!!!! Anthony pulled out at the last minute though. Josh brought a friend along, and Marcus brought along a whole group of people. Thanks for the support guys!

Some old ladies kicked off the session with line dancing. LOL! It was funny-as! I knew that the first thing up was line-dancing, but i didn't know that old women were gonna perform. Anyway, we were up next; the six of us - Ruth, Serene, Pete, Gabriel, Shaun and I. We were dressed in different colours. I was in Orange, Shuan was in Blue, Pete was in Yellow, Gabriel was in Red, Ruth was in Purple and Serene was in Green. We also had fancy designs painted on our faces.

My heat was beating at 200 miles per second during the first two minutes or so, but the crowd got behind us with their loud and incessant cheering. That made me calm down. Well, i did my worm across the stage successful, but i hurt myself in the process. haha! You don't wanna know where i hurt myself. Anyway, i had to bear with the pain till the end of the dance.

The rest of the rally was cool. Chris got his hair shaved by Quinton after losing to him by 400++ dollars in the donation contest. Some random girl won the i-pod mini and my song was released! haha! It was awesome-as! Tons of people came up to my after the rally and complimented me on the dance and the wonderful song. But i've gotta thank Bryan and Stanley for modifying it, and most of all, God; who made it perfect! The CDs were sold out by the time my friends left! haha!

Hmm... it's all over now. The Beat-Bouncers and all. I don't think i'll be seeing P.J, Mike, Serene and Ruth very much from now on. haha! It's weak-talk, i know... but i've been seeing them almost everyday for 2 weeks for dance practices, and this sudden stop brings back sweet memories. Fortunately Serene took some footage of our last practice session on Saturday. She's gonna compile it all into a CD. I reckon it'll bring tears to my eyes =..(
I hope this group won't die off, although i think it might.

Yesterday's rally and dance was a psychedelic dream come true... but what happens when the dream's over?

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