Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November's Chopin

I'm listening to Jay Chow's new album "November's Chopin" right now, and ive gotta say that it's awesome! I don't know why, but i used to think that he's gay. Well, not anymore! Remember how i was feeling really down last week because of my poor Science grade? Let's just say that things took a turn for the better today =)

I got two Maths papers and my Geography back today, and i did better than i had expected. I scored an A+ for my second Math paper, and only 87% for the first one -.-""" See, i carelessly transfered my answer from the Question sheet to the Answer sheet incorrectly!!!! That cost me four valuable marks that i totally deserve!! Sigh... i'm just gonna say that i had a double A+ for my Maths papers. haha!

The average for Geography was around 58 out of 80, and i thought that i flunked it. But i got 75/80!!!! Woohoo!!! I grinning from mouth to mouth when i realised how well i had done. I think i topped the whole year level in Geography. haha! After the lesson, Mr. McComb, my Geography teacher, spoke to me about the Unit 3,4 courses in Geography and persuaded me to take it up. Well, i've never had the knack for Geography, but i've gotta admit that i enjoyed this year's course work. I thank God for my fantastic results!

Harish, Allen, Jamie, Darren, Arpit and i went to Hungry Jacks after school today, and we had a pretty nice chat about random stuff - teachers, random jerks, SRCs, Soccer, Gaybos and Scabs. haha! I've been hooked on to a fad recently - Daytona. I'm just crazy about it. Marcus and i went to RMIT yesterday for a game, and i really loved it though i came last (",)

I'll be leaving for Singapore on the 1st of December. That's in exactly 9 days, and it feel really short. I've made so many good friends this year, and i'm starting to feel a little nostalgic right now. lol! I want to be able to do something with the dudes before i leave. Hmm... i won't be seeing Blee, Peter, James and Yvonne in ages.

Hey, if you guys are reading this. I just wanna thank you all for being such GREAT friends, from my most sincere part!

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