Monday, November 07, 2005

First Day at KPH

I was amazed at the tremendously high levels of organisation and management existent at Knox Private Hospital on the first day of work experience there. I must say that i had a great time there. I met so many skilled professionals in various departments of the health industry, and i've learnt so much stuff that i've never ever heard of in my entire life!

Prashant and i entered the Administration department at 9.30am, and met up with this fantastic lady named Jackie, our Work Experience Co-ordinator. She handed us a few legal forms that we had to fill in, and a full roster for the week. haha! I was so amazed when i saw that she had placed me in so many departments! In fact, i was to help out in two different departments a day - there was Surgical/Medical, Operational Theatres, Supply, Cardiology, Day Unit, Cardiac Ward, Dorevitch Pathology and Emergency.

My first departmental area was the Surgical/Medical ward named Ferndale. I was referred to three nurses; Bree, Nikki, and Jackie. haha! I had a semi-great time there. Bree's pregnant, and i helped her out most of the time. However, there was nothing much to do there, and all i could do was to observe what they were doing, and all the paperwork they had to fill out. I guess the most exciting bit was when Bree injected an IV into an old man's arm. lol! I was seriously freaking out. I never knew that i was afraid of blood or anything along those lines. But when i saw the old man whinging in pain when the needle was stuck into his arm, with blood streaming down. I felt sick in my stomach, and i really could have fainted right there and then. It was really funny because Nikki told me moments later that the previous Work Experience student fainted after witnessing the gory mess. Thank God that it didn't happen to me! =) And don't bag me!

I was also surprised that an awesome lunch was provided for all staff! haha! If i ever became a nurse at Knox Private Hospital, that would be the reason. Guess what i had? Roast Beef with Mass Potatoes!!!! lol! Prashant had sandwiches because he's supposed to be abstaining from beef. But he didn't refrain from sneaking a few pieces of my lunch down his throat!

After lunch, Jackie brought me to the Operating Theatre department. I was under two fabulous nurses; Emma and Heather. These wonderful nurses really made my day. There were renovations going on in that department for six new operating threatres, and there weren't many operations going on today because of that. Thus, these two fantastic nurses could stop their jobs and give me personal tours around the place!

Heather's in charge of sterilisation, and she showed me all the instruments and equipment needed for different operations. I even saw the pieces used for hip replacements. haha! The surgical sissors, stitches and huge-as surgical knives looked really intimidating. She took me to this room where they wash all the equipment, and where they sterilise them. The equipment was kept in seal, sterile boxes made of a special material and they would be dated, stamped and check for germs. Whoa... i was amazed at the efficiency of this department. Everything was kept in its place, the instruments were all kept sparkling clean and there was not a single speck of germ to be found! Heather was also really thrilled at all my questions, and so i just rampaged her with them.

Emma then took my for a tour around the surgical theatres and showed me the actual equipment used in a surgical theatre, and what has to be done before the patient is operated on. She told me about all the different anaethetics that one could take, about the surgeons' preferences for stitches. haha! I was surprised at the large variety of stitches one could choose from! She also told me about her past surgical experiences.

All in all, i did have some trouble understanding all the different medical terms that they were throwing at me. But i managed to understand most of it though, because my mum used to work in a hospital too, and she used to talk about her work at home. So yea, i had a great and engaging day. I've learnt so much about surgery, and all the tedious medical procedures that have to be carried out. Hmm... it's really broadened my view on the world, and made me appreciate nurses a little more.

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