Friday, November 11, 2005

Last Day of Work Experience!

Yep, today was the last day of work experience for me. I must say that i'm really happy to get that over and done with. Although it really was rewarding, i had to endure tireless hours of standing and walking around in the various wards and departments. haha! I just came back from work today feeling $30 richer! That's $6 bucks a day, which is really nothing at all. I got paid $50 dollars doing Community Service at Arpad Hostel for 18 hours! I reckon i should have had a better pay. But i guess the free lunches kindda levelled it off =)

I was at the Ambleside ward today, under the wonderful supervision of two young and beautiful nurses - Nicole and Megan. We did the same check ups as before - normal Observations and routine checks, changing of bedsheets, and medication. Yea, it was pretty straightforward, and it got a little boring when both Nicole and Megan had nothing to do! lol! They were slacking off!

Anyway, i spoke to this British patient for quite a bit, and we had a rather interesting conversation about his exploits as head of the British army back in 1941 in Eygpt! haha! i also tried to speak to this "confused" patient that suffers from Alzheimer's (is that how it's spelt?) Disease, and he refused to put on his oxygen mask the whole time!

We had kish (I know it's spelt with a "Q", but i just can't remember!!!!) for lunch, which was semi-terrific. After that, i went to the Emergency Deparment and was under this wonderful nurse by the name of Katrina. She was really friendly and nice. She even taught me how to operate a manual Blood Pressure machine, and she let me conduct several tests on patients - Pulse-taking, temperature, oxygen level and heart rate. I had a great time there.

After that, we headed of to meet Jackie for the last time. She gave Prashant and i the Evaluation forms and our salary =) haha! Prashant was about to burst because i had a much better comment from Jackie.

Alright, i've gotta go for Fungus really soon. BTW, i totally enjoyed my stay there, and i would strongly recommend that place for any of you looking for a Work Experience placing. You won't regret it! It least i didn't! =)

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