Monday, November 28, 2005

Alhpa Retreat

I'm blogging from school right now. We just had 4 tiring periods of singing and we're gonna get dismissed soon. Banh's beside me and he wants to say that Phan's gay. Anyway, Phan's here as well, and he admits that he's gay. Banh's humming the song "When you say nothing at all".

I haven't been blogging lately because i was on a one-day camp on Friday. It was supposed to be an Alpha Retreat, but most of them didn't turn up. So 13 of us: Quentin, Gabriel, Jerusha, Sarah, Grace, Nick, Chris, Shaun, Franny, Jasmine, Reuben, Alvin and i (Banh and Phan were there in spirit ofcourse) went on a 45 minute drive to Wonga Park up in the mountain ranges.

We had a few sessions on the Holy Spirit, played soccer, chatted, played soccer again, went spider-hunting, mosquito-bashing and had a barbeque. Yea, think that's funny? Chris, Grace, Sarah, Shaun, Gabriel and I started a game of Risk at 10:30pm which lasted for 4 hours!!!!! haha! It was about 2:50am the next day by the time we got to bed. As i rested my head on the pillow, two gigantic spiders crept outta nowhere! They were literally about 8cm by 4cm large! One was black and the other orange, and from that observation, i gathered that they were poisionous -.-""" I told the rest of the dudes about the spiders, and everyone started screaming their guts out! lol! It was hilarious! I quickly jumped off the top bunk and scrambled to safety.

After 10 minutes of turmoil, we managed to eradicate the spider threat - Nick smashed the orange one against the wall with Chris' shoe, and i smacked the black one with Chris' other shoe. haha! It was funny how Quentin freaked out when he saw the spiders!

Anyway, the camp was terrific. Sigh... i'll be back in Singapore in two days, but i don't wanna leave so soon! What an irony...

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