Saturday, November 19, 2005

5 - 3 Victory!

I spent the whole day out yesterday. School ended at about 11am, and i played soccer with Tommy, Jase, Marcus, Duc, Jin, Phan and Banh for while. Then Jase and i went to this small soccer shop called "The World Game" on Swan Street to check out the new Socceroo tops. However, the cashier told us that the tops were all sold out state-wide. haha! Jase wanted it really badly, so we made a trip to MSD in the city. Fortunately, there were two left. So Jase bought one for $134!!!! lol! I really wanted one, but the price made my eyes roll.

Australia's going crazy about Soccer ever since we won that thrilling game on Wednesday night. Jase was wearing an old Socceroo jersey in the city, and these random people just came up to him and went "Go Socceroos!" or "Hey man, all stoked for the Socceroos?" haha! It was hilarious. I also overheard plenty of conversations on the train about the Socceroos. I think it's becoming the hottest topic around. I guess this will be a great boost for the game.

Jase wanted to go back to his little hole early, so i met up with the rest of the dudes at RMIT. We played pool for about 2-3 hours, and i got persuaded into going on one of the Daytona machines. haha! It was really good actually. It's been a really long time since i've raced virtually.

After that, Lil Joe and i went to Jin's house to prepare for the much-awaited indoor soccer game that night. We had a nice pizza lunch, and played a little cricket before leaving for Greensborough.

The match started at 7.45pm, and it was extremely tough. The opposition didn't have enough players, and so they recruited 3 Super League players from another team to help them out -.-""" lol! Louis, one of our main defenders, was out for the whole season due to several semi-severe injuries, and i was called into replace him =) haha!

The entire match was extremely intense, with quite a lot of shoving at the back and exchange of abuses. But sheer class, good ball control and pin-point passing dominated the match which ended 5-3 in our favour! Yippee! We managed to pull through despite all the odds. I was pretty cut at the end because the two strikers that i was marking refused a handshake -.-" But other than that, it was a game to remember!

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