Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sad Marks -.-"

Hey peeps! I'm feeling downcast right now because of my extremely poor exam results. I got four out of the eight exams that i sat for yesterday, and i was devastated to see:
English - A
German - D, C+
Science - B

I must say that the Science absolutely killed me. I studied my guts out for it, only to get this poor mark. It pisses me off so badly because my mistakes were of sheer carelessness. See, i was short of an A+ by 10 marks, i left out an easy 4 mark question on the last page because i didn't see it. Then, i read a 2 mark question wrongly although my answer was correct. Sigh... i dont' even want to think about it right now. I don't know what i'm gonna do, my mum got really pissed when i told her about my Science mark. I've never ever had anything lower than an A+ for a Science Exam. Argh... i've totally stuffed this one up.

This is probably the worst examination period i've had, and i'll just treat it with a pinch of salt =) Joanne slept over at my house last night, and we left for FGA at 8am this morning. OUr group project was to bless any ministry, and we decided to make some sandwiches for the women's ministry; who were having a meeting this morning.

It all turned out pretty well. Gabriel and Nick came late, but Jerusha and Joanne managed to pack about 60 sandwiches in less than an hour. I was planning to have a game of Soccer with Harish, Phan, Marcus, Nick, Jerusha, Shaun, Gabriel and myself, but almost everyone pulled out. So yea, Harish, Marcus and i had a kick at Wavereley park all by ourselves. It was really fun actually. I was quite amazed at the quality of our passing and all. I mean, our skills were almost on par with each other although we played in different roles, and we are all Singaporeans!!! haha!

The exams are over.. i'm not gonna brood over it. One slip up in one year won't take down the rest of my life. I'm gonna run this race with all my heart. I'll run it for God!

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