Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 2 of Work Experience

My second day at work was as great as the first, in fact, i got through it with a little more ease than i did yesterday. I was telling Prashant at work that time seems to drag on during work, and it seems to fly pass during school.

I spent 3 hours at the Supply department helping this 19 year old dude named Simon. He's such a humble and cool person, and everyone seems to like him. I had a taste of the top departments yesterday, and i was put in the lowest one today- Supply. Simon taught me how to sort out all the paper work, as hundred of boxes were delivered by the truckload at different times in the morning. There was no end to the work, boxes just kept flooding in. His job was to sort them out and deliver them to their respective departments.

It was really interesting because Heather, a nurse in the Theatre department, told me that she was gonna order something yesterday, and i saw it in the Supply room today. haha! It was then that i realised that all the different departments are dependent on each other to run a hospital, and that the Supply department was extremely important although it does require much expertise.

After that, i was sent to the Cardiology department. I watched a professional named Jenny, conduct a Echocardiography using a highly-advanced machine. She briefed me through the whole process as though i was a professional too, but i was pissing myself trying to keep up with all the sophisticed terminology and all. She was like "The bleeding valves may be caused by the pappilar muscles just behind the heart..." haha! But i actually understood most of it =)

Then another professional came to speak to me about the different kinds of testing used in Cardiology - Electricardiography (ECG) , Amulatory Monistoring, Exercise ECG Stress Testing, Echocardiography, Pacemaker implant, Cardiac Catheterisation, Electrophysiology Studies (EPS). haha! I only know what half of those procedures are. He brought me into their Radiology lab and showed me how Cardiac Catheterisation is carried out and all. I was extremely thrilled when he mentioned inserting this long tube into this *Thiemseine* vein in the leg and pulling it all the way behind the neck, down the throat and into the heart. lol!

I've been learning so much...but i don't know if i wanna go into Medicine. Everything sounds so interesting and fun, even the Supply job.

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