Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hot As

It's really too hot to blog right now. I feel like i'm in an oven! Argh... we should install an air-conditioner some time soon. How quick time flies... Summer's approaching really soon. haha! I'm listening to Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday right now. What a coincidence!

I've finally come to a point where all the pressure can finally be released. I'm supposed to be on the verge of exploding under the tremendous pressure i'm under right now. The Math and Business Management exams are tomorrow. I spent 6 hours straight preparing for it, and i feel pretty comfident. Hmm... maybe exams aren't too bad after all. I know i'll be delighted the moment that last paper's collected =)

I went for dance practice in the morning. Gabriel, Shaun, Ruth, Serene and P.J were there. We got most of the dance done, but there's still a small part that i'm not too confident with. Just a few more days and it'll all be over...

It's 10.25pm right now, but it's just too hot to go to sleep!!!!!

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