Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Australia VS Uruguay

Hey peeps! Guess most of you already know, but i've been feeling really down due to my poor results. But God has taught me a lot from this experience:
- Not to be proud
- Trust in the Lord
- Small upsets shouldn't hinder my walk along God's path for me

I didn't have classes today. The entire Year 10 have to go for a Transition Program that basically introduces you to the various Year 11 subjects that you have chosen. I had two free periods for the first part of the day, and played Soccer with Harish, Jin, Banh, Tommy, Jack, Jamie and some other soccer dudes. I managed to get two awesome diving headers on target, but i dirtied my white shirt during the process -.-"

Anyway, i went for the Chemistry transition program for the third and fourth periods. We conducted some experiments with Ammonia, Magnesium, Copper II Sulfate, Hydrochloride, Sodium Hydroxide and several other chemicals. I found it extremely interesting. I felt as though i've been given a brand new chance to shine, and i'm definately not gonna let it slip this time!

Jase, Turk, Harish, Marcus and i were going to watch the much awaited Australia vs Uruguay World Cup Qualifier match tonight initially, but it was called off because Harish had some other commitments -.-" while Marcus and i were afraid of a terrorist attack. I mean, the terrorists have been saying that the next bombing target was Melbourne, and i reckon tonight's the best time to strike. If all the soccer fanatics at Federation Square were bombed/killed, it would mean a big blow to Australian Soccer!

Jase was pretty pissed about it, but i told him that he'll owe me his life if there was an actual bombing at Federation Square tonight. haha!

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