Monday, June 05, 2006

One Freezing Cold Day...

It was unbelieveably cold today. My hands were stiff and i had some difficulty writing in class. haha! Hardly anyone turned up to school today because of the on going VCE Examinations. My GAT's scheduled on Wednesday, and i've got mixed feelings about it. Most people say that it doesn't matter at all and that i shouldn't care about it. Then again, my gut feeling's telling me that i should at least try my best. Hmm...

I've been slacking off so much in the past week, i guess it's the typical post-exam syndrome. I keep forgetting that there's still a whole lot of Business Management, Chinese and Chemistry homework to do -.-""" Sigh.. i'll be going for the State Youth Games for the whole of the long weekend and i won't be able to study for the BM SAC next week.

Anyway, i'm not looking forward to SYG. We're gonna be sleeping in the FREEZING COLD outdoors in small lil tents! haha! I sure hope that the tents are big enoughto fit all four of us - Anthony, Phan, Jin and myself. Then again, a small and cosy tent might be much warmer... and we can all do some bonding =P haha!

I put my new Predators to the test yesterday, and they didn't fail to impress. I could run much faster with them, had a whole lot more control on the ball and i could shoot harder and more accurately too! =) Yea, but the boots were a lil tight in the front and they several bruises on my feet -.-"" Hopefully they'll mould into shape soon enough.

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