Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Love Lost

Don't you just hate the feeling of losing something? What makes it worse is not knowing how to get it back.

Well, three things happened to me in the last week or so, and i believe God's trying to tell me something. This is unbelieveable! Try to make it out yourself, it's really interesting... read on.

As i sat for my GAT last Wednesday, i opened my wallet and reached for my student card and realised it wasn't there! I started panicking, and i couldn't concentrate throughout the entire GAT paper. I didn't know where i'd lost it, or how i was gonna get it back... but i needed it desperately for my other VCE Exams. So i prayed... and i suddenly remembered that i had left it at the Whitehorse Aquatic Sports Centre when we went to play Futsal last Friday. They sent it back to my school, and i received it today. Thank God =)

Two days ago, i picked up the Danno's blazer by mistake after the Soccer match at lunch. So i looked for him after school, thankfully he had my blazer, so we exchanged blazers. But as i reached into my side pocket, i realised that my MP3 was missing! I asked Danno if he'd seen it, but he said no (I knew he didn't take it). I didn't want to waste any more money buying a new one, and i prayed in Hope. Subsequently, just yesterday a Year 12 friend of mine, Paul, timidly came up to me and confessed that he had taken it. lol! He was shitting himself!! But i didn't have my name on my blazer, and i couldn't blame him for stealing it... So he returned it to me today. Two items back on the same day... thank you, God! =))

As i headed off for sport today, i realised that my sports bag was missing! -.-""" How forgetful can i get?!?!?!?! Anyway, i thought i had left it on the train in the morning, so i called by Connex but they said that it wasn't handed in. I was so nervous cuz i had $260 worth of goods in that sports bag; including my $150 table tennis bat. Though all the odds were against me, i kept praying in Faith. I called my dad, mum and Andrew to gather some information... and i deduced that i must have left it on the tram on the way to school. So i rushed home after sport (4.30pm) and called Yarra Trams who referred me to a tram depot at Glen Huntley. I called them up, and guess what... My bag was there!!!! The third item that i had lost, and then found all in the same day!!!! Thank God again! =)))

Despite all the odds... my God's always been there for me. I prayed, God listened, and he answered. There's NO OTHER WAY that this could have happened except by God's Grace... not a coincidence... not a fluke. I really believe that God hears my prayers now... but i think he wants to tell me something even more than that.

When i lost something, i felt the anxiety, the need to have it back... it was tiresome and extremely worrying. I felt stranded by the fact that i would lost it, and all i could do was to think about it... but that only made it worse! Well, we're all lost; at least most of us are... But God's trying to find us because he loves us... but he never will unless we stop, turn around, and go looking for him too.

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