Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fillial Piety?

I just quarrelled with my mum over dinner... again. I know i have to honour my parents, but i just can't do it.

There's always been this on-going conflict between my mum and my grandmum that really saddens me whenever i think about it. My mum started asking my grandmum why she couldn't see the bowl of rice that was in the fridge over dinner. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that... but her tone and her facial expressions unnerved me. My mum said this is Chinese - and i quote - "Why didn't you see that bowl of rice? It's big, and its right in the middle!"

At that point, i said relatively loudly, "Mum! You should be blaming me instead cuz i was there too, and i didn't see the bowl of rice." I said that because i couldn't stand the oppression that my grandmum was going through... it infuriates me whenever someone does something to make my grandmum unhappy. I had to do something.

However, my mum grew furious and started saying that i'm "trying to be smart" and she concluded the argument with these words, "You better not interrupt me when i'm talking in the future!" -.-" I just kept quiet. There was no point arguing anymore. My grandmum didn't have to go through anymore "questioning" from my mum. That's good enough for me.

After dinner, my sis said that i was in the wrong. I couldn't believe my ears when she said that. On the contrary, i was utterly disappointed that she didn't stand up for my grandmum, she just kept quiet to save her own arse. Yet she still has the nerve to say that i was wrong.

God, i wanna honour my mum. But you know that i love them both just as much... please give me wisdom.

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