Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It's the sixth day of the sixth month of the two thousand and sixth year today. In other words, 6/6/06. There's this horror movie released today called "The Omen". Sigh... i don't see why these people keep toying around with Bible truths. They invoke artificial fears and bug the minds of movie-goers to achieve a result similiar to that known as "brain-washing". Some of my friends believe the lies on the Davinci Code even though it's recognised as Fiction, backed up whole lot of facts that prove otherwise -.-"

By the way, the 666 is a real being... and i would be pretty freaked out if i was a non-Christian.

School was fantastic today, apart from the sub-zero temperature in the classrooms. haha! I got my Maths Genereal Paper 2 back today... i got 90/115!!!! =))) haha! i think that's an A+!!! Thank God for that... i really needed a good mark after doing poorly for the first paper.

I'll be going off for the State Youth Games this weekend, but i haven't started packing yet. haha! i'll start tmr.. it seems so far, yet i know that i'll find myself in a freezing-cold Warrigal in no time. I can't wait to play sport, but i don't wanna sleep in chilly tents!!! =S

Oh... i've got the GAT tmr. Hope i do well, but i don't feel confident. My mum's making do some practice GAT's, but i feel that there's no point in that -.-" I'll do them anyway, just to make her happy =)

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