Friday, June 30, 2006

Gal Power!

A revelation was slapped right in my face yesterday when Angie and Vanessa scored 2 awesome goals in Futsal. It was the best game of Futsal i've ever had! The games i play with my friends are just so competitive, with everyone striving to perform, that the game just loses it's true meaning.

Well, i guess i've been too caught up with the high-flyers that i kindda forgot what it was like when i first started playing Soccer 4 years ago. Sigh.. when i saw the gals play yesterday... they were laughing, smiling, passing, missing and falling.. but it doesn't matter! they were having fun =) That dragged me out of my winning mentality, and enabled me to really enjoy the game! =)

To Yvonne, Sarah, Angie, Vanessa, Steph, Jas, Franny, Audrey and Jacilyn. Thanks for coming gals, just wanna say that i would never have experienced half the enjoyment if you gals hadn't rocked up. Oh.. just wanna congratulate Angie and Vanessa on their first goals!!! What did i tell ya?

The last game that we had was Fungus vs Young Adults. Nick, Shaun and i got on the scoreboard to end the game 3-0!!! =)) The YA got owned AGAIN! =P They were EXTREMELY rough though.. This dude named Adel attempted a sliding tackle on me but he caught my shins on the FULL -.-""" Man! He "swept me off my feet" if that makes it sound any less painful. Shucks! I had to limp off the court, and it hurts even now =(

Anyway, Qynn drove the gals back home after the game and the traffic was horrendous!!!! So Shaun and i "baconed" random people along the streets. haha! It was funny as! This hardcore looking up jumped up in shock when i "baconed" him. loL!

I was gonna get dropped off at Richmond, but Qynn managed to persuade me to join them for dinner at Box Hill. So i called home and my grandmum picked up. I told her that Box Hill was dangerous and i had to protect Jerusha. Thus, i was gonna have dinner there. And everyone at the back of the van started cracking up! lol! I never knew that they could all understand Mando -.-"""""

I had Chicken Maryland with Rice at The Booth. Aww... that's the best meal that you could have for 7.50. Shucks! I'm craving for it now!!!! -.-"" Alright, i've gotta get started on some work now.

Gal Power?!

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