Saturday, June 17, 2006

Share the Passion

I must say that the World Cup 2006 has not failed to deliver a fair amount of surprises in the form of unexpected scorelines and sensational goals. Argentina just finished a 6-0 drubbing of Serbia and Montenegro last night and are deemed as favourites to win the World Cup this year. But Soccer's all about the belief that one has for a side, whether or not it is the underdog.

I placed a bet on Australia for the game against Brazil. The odds are about 50:1 that Australia will win the 5 time Champs, but i love the thrill and suspense that this beautiful game brings. You just sit there, praying most of the time, desperately hoping that there'll be an error in the defence, or a spectacular spark of skill from one of the star players to break the deadlock. haha! That's the beauty of the game... anyone can win... and it's the passion that the fans put into their teams that drive them on to produce the unexpected.

Liverpool's comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League Final last year, and their victory against West Ham in the FA Cup are perfect examples. Their fans got behind them despite all the odds... and a miracle happened. The Hope... The Passion that erupts when the decisive goal is scored! Oh... that sensation is to die for! Let's share this Passion!

I organised another Futsal mini-tournament yesterday consisting of three teams: Melbourne High, Donny High and Fungus! haha! My friends accused me of betraying them (yet again!) when i decided for play for Fungus. Anyway, the competition was fantastic! We played "First Goal Wins" and Winner stays Loser goes. All three teams were evenly matched and it took a spark of brillance, or an amazing move to break the deadlocks. Yea, thanks to everyone who turned up! Sportmanship was good, no one got into fights =)

haha! THe dudes reprimanded me for shouting at my sis on the Futsal court -.-""" Maybe i was a lil too harsh =x I think i scored 3 goals yesterday... oh yea... the most memorable goals were Jin's AWESOME volley that almost took the net off, and Pete's solid header into the bottom corner!!! It's a pity that Tommy and Jimmy couldn't join us as they had to go for a church camp. Daniel and his cousin, Shaun, managed to join us for the game though. haha! Darren and Josh were there too! =)

I'm going for dinner with Aunty Pauline and Uncle Tom tonight... we're going to the Jap Restaurant at MC. The food there's quite expensive, and i've been spending quite a bit on clothes recently... so i ate a whole bowl of rice just then so that i won't get tempted to order so much tonight.

Share the Passion people!

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