Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fruitful Fruit

I just had a warm heart-to-heart conversation with my grandmum. There has been a lot of friction going on between my mum and my grandmum for the past few years, but they've been trying to cover it up by treating each other with respect and keeping communication to the minimum. Sigh... it really hurts me to see that these steorotypical "Daughter-in-law anti-mother-in-law" relationships. It cuts deep. I wish i could give up my life just to see them as friends, good friends that love each other... so that perhaps...maybe, just maybe my grandmum will get to know Christ.

I spent a bit more than an hour typing up some songs that i've composed this year; 7 in all. I'll present all of them to Stanley, and he'll choose the ones that'll be in the next Fungus Album. Boo yah! I can't wait for its release. I was glad with last year's album, but i reckon we can do much better than that.

Futsal was pretty good yesterday. I finally bought my new Predators from Box Hill! haha! Who would have thought, out of all places, that i would actually buy boots from Box Hill! They cost me $89, but it's $89 well spent. I'm gonna put them to the test tomorrow after Fungus. Oh, i miss the guys there... can't wait for tmr!!! =)

Oh Futsal... There was the MHS team which was competing fiercely with the Doncaster High team, while the Fungus team was on the sidelines most of the time. haha! That's quite a surprise, but Futsal was played at a really high level yesterday. I was amazed at some of the goals, runs, skills and tricks pulled off by some of the players. However, Tommy had a conflict with Charlie and Phan which reflected poor sportmanship. I mean, Phan's a lil rough. He actually decked me from behind as i was jumping for a header through on goal... i landed badly on my chest -.-" But i just went on with the game.

Well, honestly, Fungus were owned yesterday. We played first goal wins, winner stays and loser goes. Yea, that's the reason why we were on the sidelines most of the time. lol! Well, at least we didn't have to pay for the courts. They were doing some maintenance work when we got there, and we had to wait for 40 minutes or so... so i had a nice chat with the Manager, Miguel, and he offered to give us the two hours free of charge! haha! That's why social skills are important - BM!!!! haha!

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