Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Underdog Passion..

One thing that keeps me going is the fact that there is Hope. The very slight chance that the underdogs have in achieving triumph over the favourites.

This remarkable passion that a not-so-good-looking dude can have in winning the girl of his dreams because of a humble heart.

That Liverpool managed to come back from 3-0 down to become European Champions

That Australia, ranked 100++ in the world, could edge into the top 16 in the world cup.

That we can be saved by the blood of Christ despite all our sins.

Yesterday was a remarkable day as my friends and i ventured into the Foxtel Junior State Futsal Championships. I knew everyone on the team, and we were all friends, but we had not played together before. And i was suffering from aches and fatigue from the camp -.-"

There were 4 groups with 4 teams in each one - making 16 teams in all. They consisted of school teams, and even academies that trained every week! Even the state Futsal team was there! Considering these facts, our chances looked slim..

Despite all the odds, we managed to beat Glen Waverley Secondary College 4-1. Then we edged Yarra United 2-1, before finishing on the top of our group with an outstanding 3-1 demolition of Lalor North Secondary College. haha! We were through to the semi-finals!!!

We started off confidently, but our opposition, Vic Vipers (scary name huh?), were in a completely different league. All their players were unbelieveably nimble, they had terrific ball control, and a remarkable ability to hold possession and demonstrated quick and effective movement on and off the ball. Honestly, i've never SEEN Futsal being played at such a high standard, and i never KNEW that such a standard was achieveable -.-""

In desperation, we decided to apply our killer "soccer" tactics into the Futsal match - clean them up. lol! Obviously, it didn't work... and the two EXTREMELY biased referees only made the situation worse.. one ref rebuked our subs for spilling a few drops of water on the ground and demanded that we wipe it up with our clothes -.-" He also penalised us for minor errors in the taking of kick-ins and freekicks. Sigh... we were brushed away to a 4-1 defeat.

Well, congratulations guys! At least we came 3rd in the State. Not too bad afterall considering our standards... haha! =)

Jerusha and i spent the night at Sonja's with the rest of the dudes to watch the Australia vs Italy match. Well, it was an awesome game except for the penalty that Australia conceeded on the LAST SECOND of extra time. lol! I couldn't believe that the ref made such a stupid decision... my nightmare became a reality..

It's really heartbreaking to see such a worthy underdog filled with determination and passion literally kicked out of the World Cup by some dodgy ref.

Underdog Passion.. well admired.. never treasured.

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