Friday, October 08, 2004


Hey peeps, you wouldn't believe what happened today. I'll explain it later, but you'll get the idea by looking at the title of the post. one tagged me since yesterday. No Worries! Guess you peeps are having some hard times with your exams. Well, i guess you would be in the middle of them right now. I just wanna cheer you peeps on. All the best! Finish the race!

Alright, what happened was this. Every student in my school has an personal account. We have our own account number and password. We are given a few megabytes of space in our account and a school email. During my Software Design class today, i tried to log in. I typed in my account number and password, only to receive this message "Your account has been disabled." lolz... i thought it was nothing serious. Just a glitch of some sort maybe. My friend had the same situation too. However, it was just the two of us. lolz...Subsequently, we told the teacher-in-charge. Guess what, a few minutes later, the teacher called us up for a "little chat". Beside the teacher-in-charge was the head computer technician. I was kindda intimidated because the situation had blown up to become something very serious. The technician said that both my friend and i have been found hacking into the school server, deleting and manipulating certain files and documents. He said that we could change our test scores and stuff like that. I was shell-shocked and so was my friend. There was no way that i could do such a thing! I was being wrongly accused!

We were questioned. Fortunately, the Teacher-in-charge was my Geography teacher and he said that there was no way that my friend and i would do such a thing, but he didn't know if we could do such a thing. Thus, we got our accounts back for the time being, however, we were on the technician's "BLACK BOOK". lolz..but whatever, i didn't do it. It must have been some hacker that hacked into my account and used it to manipulate the school's server. What a retard! I'm kindda chessed off now.

Oh yea, and that's not the most amazing thing. Just the night before this incident, i had a wierd dream. I dreamt that that "Teacher-in-charge" was scolding me for some reason. And i woke up wondering "What in the world??!?!?!?!" lolz...guess it was kindda a revelation of the future. Kindda wierd eh? well, i felt that way. It's getting late now. I've gotta go sleep. Cya peeps! All the best for your exams!

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