Thursday, October 07, 2004

Internet Up, Comp Down

Hey peeps! Fewer and fewer people seem to be reading my blog nowadays, only Lyd's doing so. Sorry that i was not able to post yesterday because...MY ISP(Internet Service Provider) was down. lolz..can u believe that?! That just cheeses me off. And what's worse is that my computer's down today. Fortunately, i can still use my mum's laptop to do my posting. I really REALLY can't wait to meet ALL of you peeps when i get back to Singapore. I've gotta plan my schedule well lol! So many people to see in such a limited time. Hope to have a fun time then. I feel really wierd when all you peeps are having exams and i'm merrily enjoying myself over here. No Worries, you'll get your chance to tease me when i'm having my exams. Well, there's no poem for today. I just wanna share with you what i did today.

Had a pretty good day today. Went to school. I had a different time table today. We had a "Life Skills" Seminar. Sounds pretty wierd eh? It's kindda like inspirational, as well as informative. There were two guest speakers that spoke. They spoke about different things. One of them spoke wasn't too facinating, he spoke about not giving up. He used to be a extremely fit person. He even won 2 triathalons. Cool eh? Well, he met with a stroke 8 years ago, a major stroke. He couldn't use his right side of his body and he couldn't speak properly. But he struggled hard to improve his condition. And now, he's able to walk properly and move his right arm. However, he can't his right hand, much less his fingers.

The other speaker however, was much more interesting. And what enthrilled me more, was that he was a Christian! He used to be those people along the dark streets, taking relief jabs and going for the "Hot Stuff". And what facinated me was that he was a ROBBER! lolz! he told us that he started off by stealing cuz he didn't have sufficient finances. And as he grew older, he started to rob banks. There was one situation when the police arrived while he was conducting a robbery. He never had a real gun, he only used a fake one. But in that incident, he was met head on with a police officer. He grabbed the officer's gun and held him at gunpoint. lolz...the suspense was awesome. He told us that he could have just killed the police officer, but he didn't. He got apprehended and served a jail sentence of 8 years or something like that. He was a completely changed person when he came out. He told us that he had gained a lot of experience when he was in prison. He also received a bible and started reading it. Then, he started realising that he had wasted a huge chunk of his life. He accepted the Christian faith, and he has been working as an inspirational speaker ever since.

The whole "Life Skills" seminar was kindda fun, but it made me realise something. It made me realise how fortunate i was to be born in Singapore and have such good and wonderful parents. Seriously, over here in Australia, 3 out of 5 marriages have ended in divorces. Saddening eh? That means that there's a very high chance that your friends over here would have parents that are separated. Well, now i apprieciate my parents more than i've ever had.

God Bless You!

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