Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Hi peeps! Or should i say, hi Char. I think my blog is hitting an all time high of 1 hit a day. Please congratulate me by TAGGING! lol.. Alright, i'll do a quick post just before i go to school. I'm extremely glad that Bryan, Char, Joce and Tab(esp. my sis) remembered my B-day! Thanks! You guys rock!

I think it's the first time i'm having a B-day that's on a school day. And, my dad was coming home on that same day, at 4.30 am. So, i decided to accompany my mum in picking my dad up. I woke up at 3am and i couldn't go back to sleep. Don't know why. I just killed time by lying on my bed and thinking about stuff. When it was 4.45 am, we left for the airport. My dad was in "great shape", i was so glad to be able see him after a whole month! We rushed back home because i still had a full day ahead. I went to school in the morning, did lots of work, came back home.

My dad had brought back LOTS of stuff. A MP3 player, Delicious snacks, Dried food, some letters(We received so few this time =( ) AND FIFA 2005!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on that game. He had bought it back in SG for about 50 bucks. I was so excited that i really couldn't wait to play it. However, the computer was down.

My dad was repairing the computer because it had some problems starting up. He opened the CPU box and made sure everything was alright. However, the CPU still couldn't start up. I was like, Oh No! I remembered something. I told my dad where the prob could have been(Because i was the one that tempered with the CPU before it got spoiled. loL!) he shifted a comuter chip, AND WHALA! Awesome! the computer started up perfectly! That was so cool!

Ok, then, we went out for dinner to celebrate our B-days(Sis and I). We decided to have pizza. So, we went to a place called "La Porchetta". Sounds kindda posh don't ya think? lolz..We ordered lots of stuff, i had Chicken BBQ pizza. Oh, it was delicious! One of the best i've had. Guess i ate too much though, cuz i'm currently having a sore throat. Then, we headed back home. To my surprise, my dad and mum bought a B-day cake without my knowing! It was fantasic! Though the cake wasn't a Grand one, probably one which cost 5bucks, i really enjoyed it. We had a normal celebration, with the B-day song and such. Finally, we ate the cake WITH ice-cream. Well, one of my 14 B-days to remember.

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