Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sweet Memories...

Hey peeps! Look at my post title and you'll think that i'm a retard. "Sweet Memories". Seriously, do any of you actually think of your old friends and the "cool" things that happened in the past. Well, i didn't do it as much as i'm doing it now when i in Singapore. I really feel so previlledged and honoured to have friends like you peeps. Seriously, you don't treasure someone until you "lose" or lose contact with the person. I was just staring at the mirror in my room and i saw the old church photograph. Though it's pretty old and everyone's looks have pretty much changed, it reminded me of the "old times". lolz...It was touching. Felt like something was "throbbing" my heart.

Oh yea, hope ya still remember the post i had last week. The one on the table-tennis match i had with the teacher-in-charge. lolz.. His name is Doctor.G, Dr.G. Alright, today was the last day i would be playing table-tennis for sport. I made 2 very good friends there, including the Dr.G. It was kindda sad when i knew it would be a VERY long time till i would be able to play table-tennis with them again. So i really treasured the final games i had with both of them. However, guess what?, i didn't bring my table-tennis bat. lol! I had to use the crappy ones provided by the school.

Despite that, i had a extremely tense game with Dr.G, yet again. We played best of 5 sets. He won the 1st set, i won the 2nd, he won the 3rd, i won the 4th and 5th. lol! So the final result the 2-3, my victory. ~8) I feel like i'm on cloud 9. lolz..It was really hard to play with those crappy bats. You would have peed in your pants if you were watching the match, seriously. There was one set when i was 8-10 down. All Dr.G needed was 1 more point to seal the set. My heart was beating intensely, i could feel the strong surges of blood pumping through my veins. 9-10,10-10,11-10,12-10! LOL! i won 4 points straight and claimed the set! What a comeback. lolz..guess you wouldn't have a clue aobut what i'm talking about.

And, another thing to congratulate me on. I learnt to cook another dish today! We'll be having it for dinner tonight (Yummy!). It's a mixture of potatoes, carrots, chicken, onions and mushrooms. It's like a combination dish. It seriously tastes awesome. I'll cook it for some of you if i get a chance to when i'm in SG. Hmm...I wonder how much i should charge...lol

Oh yea, It's been quite a long time since i composed a poem. I've actually been improving some songs that i've composed. I composed 2 songs. They sound pretty terrific. And i was wondering, just wondering, if just one of them could be used for the item during the church camp. I know it's a little bit like wishful thinking. Won't post them here though, i'm only gonna post one poem. Enjoy!

Better Life

Are you in your prime?
The strongest you'll ever be.
The best years of your life.
Seen all there is to see.

It goes around and around,
Like a never-ending wheel.
Doing the same things over,
Till you fulfill your will.

Is that the life you want?
Such a predictable tale.
Will you be happy?
No! You'll only stand to fail.

God has better for you,
Many mission for you to do.
But are you willing,
To carry them through.

Have faith in God,
To blossom your life.
To take care of you,
And lead you through every strife.

God & Isaac

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