Thursday, October 14, 2004

Soccer Ca-pi-tan!

Hey peeps, i'm on a high note today. Guess what? I got selected by my class, to be their captian for an Inter-Class Indoor Soccer Competition! Awesome! I can't believe it! I get to pick a team of 10 out of 26 people. I must be careful not to offend some of them though. And it's hard not to do so, in Australia, almost everyone wants to take part in Sports. I picked the team yesterday and i invented a clever method which enables everyone to play. Thank God for helping me. It's quite complex and i don't wanna bore you with the facts.

Well, you gotta wish me all the best because we will be up against 8 strong opposition teams. I feel a lot of pressure as the captian of the team. I mean, if we lose, the class would blame me (Even if they don't mean it, they just wanna make you feel bad). lolz.. Feel anxious now. The competition will be starting on the first day of November.

I learnt to cook another dish today! Nice-looking, Sweet-tasting, Fragrant-smelling Fried Butter Prawns! lolz...I never knew it was so easy to cook prawns. They cook so fast! But the secret is in the ingredients. It's kindda hard and tedious, but i really like cooking. AND, i'm not gay. lolz... it's also good because you can cook something up if there's nothing to eat. Aww, i can smell the fragrance of the prawns now. I feel like dashing to the kitchen and pour the whole plate of butter prawns down my throat. Seriously, the end result's awesome!

I had to write another essay for English again. This is one of my best. I used a bit of the prophecies in Revelations to blend in with it. Yep, you guessed right, i'm gonna post it. lol.. The essay is actually a continuation to another story called "The Pedestrian". Ok, the intro:
This dude named Leonard Mead is living in the 21st century. He's kindda different from the rest of the people. During this period, everyone seems addicted to the television. They go to work in the morning, so the streets would be all busy and noisy. However, they would be resting on the couch, watching T.V for the rest of the night. Leonard takes a stroll one night, it's all quiet because everyone else is watching T.V in their houses. After walking for a while, he meets a police car. The police car is computer-controlled, there was no diver. He gets arrested for being a phycotic simply because he doesn't like to watch T.V, and gets transported to a centre called " Phyciatric Research Centre For Regressive Tendencies". The story ends here.

This is my continuation(It's pretty long, but enjoy!):
The Pedestrian Continued...
Shops and houses whizzed past. The police car was travelling extremely fast. Leonard could only catch glimmers of the names of various buildings: "Global Bank", "United Groceries", "Fuel Co-operation", and "United Sex". The car came to an abrupt halt. There was a gigantic complex that looked like a durian. It had odd-looking windows, which stuck out from the sides of the rounded building. It was approximately the size of ten football fields.

The car was positioned just in front of a huge metallic door. I looked up as red lasers shot out from nowhere and started to scan the entire police car.
A robotic voice called out "Do you have any passengers on board?"
"Scan your mark here" The police car called instructed.
A mark-scanning device popped up from a black box. Leonard picked it up and scanned the mark on his forehead.
"Authorization accepted. Welcome Mr. Leonard Mead, please enter."
The metallic door twisted and turned and finally opened. The police car rolled in. The scanning procedure was recently introduce. Every living person had to have a mark, a set of numbers, on his or her forehead. They would be able to buy and sell using the mark. The mark had to be scanned before a person would be able to operate any electrical equipment.

Leonard was astonished when he saw what was in the building. He wondered where the "psychotics" were as there were no prison cells. Instead, the place looked more like a high-tech laboratory. There were endless rows of computers. The car drove further into the building. It came to a halt. The back door jerked open and Leonard hopped out. He twisted his waist and cracked his knuckles. He noticed that they were at the end of the rows of computers and was surprised to find a cafeteria, an entertainment room and even a swimming pool. Just then, the police car started its engine and drove away.
"Hey! Wait for me!" Leonard shouted.
"I’ll be waiting to collect you after he’s done with you." The police car answered.

There was a long flight of stairs, with golden railings, leading up to the next level. He could not see what was up there. There was something strange about the stairs, he was somewhat, attracted by it. "Climb up. Climb!" the voice rang through his mind repeatedly. He could not resist it and climbed up. When he was nearly near the top, he could see a metallic door with a tag, which read "U.N Secretary General – Nicolae Carmathia". He could hear someone speaking in a loud, evil voice.

"Yes! Yes! That is what I want…it’s what I need! Oh yes, you have the power to give it all to me. That is why I worship you. Oh god, may your power be known throughout the earth! I will…" The voice softened and it started to sound muffled. Thousands of thoughts flashed through Leonard’s mind, he freaked out at what he heard. However, as though as he had been hypnotised, his hand took a firm hold of the metallic doorknob. He tried to remove his hand from the doorknob, but it was beyond his control. He turned the doorknob and the door swung open without a sound. He could not hear the voice anymore. There was deadly silence.

The room had a green-carpeted floor and walls painted red. It was well decorated with nude paintings. There was a large desk in the middle of the room. There was a man sitting on a throne-like chair, behind the desk. He was staring directly into Leonard’s eyes. Leonard felt a cool chill tingling down his spine. The man was charming. He had neatly combed blond hair and a good posture. However, there was something particularly strange about his eyes. They seemed to have absorbed all of Leonard’s attention. All Leonard could do was to stare aimlessly into his deep blue eyes.

"Mr. Mead, it’s a great pleasure to meet you! Please, take a seat." He said humbly. Leonard knew he was in hot soup. He could hear the sarcasm behind the man’s flattery. Leonard walked up to the desk and took a seat.
"My name is Nicolae Camarthia. You think you know why you’re here, but in actual fact you don’t even have a clue. You are one of those rebellious ones that simply refuse to comply with the television law." He said.
Leonard felt offended. He rebutted, "How could it be illegal not to watch television for eight hours a day? There’s something fishy about this and you know it!"

Nicolae gave a evil smirk and said, "Let me indulge you in a little secret since you’re not gonna live through tonight. Think about a New World Order. Think about a totally new and improved world!" The enthusiasm in his voice grew as he continued. "With one currency, one religion, one goal, one market, one community, one dream! And most importantly," he spoke in an soft, evil tone "One leader. A dictator. A potentate!" Leonard immediately knew whom he was referring to.
Nicolae continued, "Brain-washing the world with the use of television, putting my ideas and thoughts into their weak minds was a fantastic idea. But there always seems to be a few imbeciles that stand in my way every now and then. Unfortunately, my only choice is to do away with them. Mr. Mead, you know that your death will be for a good cause, for the sake of the world."

He pulled out a high-powered handgun, scanned his number, loaded it and pointed it at Leonard. Leonard knew exactly what was happening, he was engulfed with fiery panic.
"Anything to say before I pulled the trigger?" Nicolae asked.
" Who are you?" Leonard asked.
Nicolae burst out in an evil laughter. He strutted proudly towards Leonard and pushed his fringe up, revealing his forehead. Leonard shut his eyes in disgust.

The numbers "666" were the last things he saw.

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