Friday, October 01, 2004


Hey peeps, no one tagged me yesterday. =( *sobs* Alright, there's nothing much to talk about today. But i wrote a pretty good poem, it's one of my favourites. I was just pondering over something, wondering why God made man, why God made each one of us. I think it's kindda like, each one of us has a purpose to fulfill for God. We have a choice, whether to follow it, or not. To me, the Will of God may not actually be his plan. Enjoy the poem!

I wonder why,
Why i was meant to be.
Why on earth,
Did God make me?

He knew very well,
That i'd make him sad.
Though i started good,
I'd turn out bad.

There must be a meaning,
A Purpose for my life.
And i God wants me to,
I would take the dive.

When i meet God,
In the heaven's eternal bless.
I will adore the wonderful plan,
He had and has.

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