Friday, February 18, 2005

Table - Pressure

Hi peeps! Good day! haha, I had a usual day in school today. Haha, something really cool, strange or funny seemed to have happened to me in the last 3 days. However, nothing much today.

I'm going for the Table-Tennis competition tonight at Dandenong Community Club. Hope i perform better than i did last week. haha, i was a complete laughing-stock then. Well, i'll just put my Hope in the Lord. haha! Tell you the results in my next post. =)

I had two fantastic concepts/inspirations last Saturday when i was doing my quiet time. If you don't already know, i compose a poem every week. I just tend to get inspirations from almost nothing, but it only happens on the weekends. haha, well, i didn't have much time last Saturday, so i wrote my ideas down. I happened to have extra time today(Couldn't be stuffed doing work on a Friday), so i composed two poems. There'll not really good, but i hope you enjoy them!

You thought of me
I've often heard,
Christ died for all.
For everyone in the world,
He took the fall.
Now, My eyes are open,
You've given me sight.
And i see your love,
Which fills me with delight.
You love billions,
And you've set them free.
You care for zillions,
But what about me?
You've opened my eyes,
And now i see.
With the nails in your hands and feet,
You thought of me.
& Isaac
God's Day
Problems and Difficulties,
My plague my path.
Heartaches and pain,
Never tend to get enough.
Though my heart is torn,
And my yoke heavy-laden.
I will praise the Lord,
And say "Get behind me satan!"
I arise to find in front of me,
A bright new day.
Promise and heart-breaks,
Or come what may.
Though troubles await me,
With a deathly poise.
"This is the day the Lord has made,"
"This is the day I will rejoice!"
& Isaac

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