Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hor zu!

"Where is that wretched finger?" Prince asked himself. He was getting extremely frustrated. It was not in the box, not on the table, nor on the floor. There was only one other place left. He walked hurriedly back into the cellar.

As he was walking down the spiraling stone steps, he noticed something rather peculiar about the surrounding. But he could not make out what it was – the smell? Temperature?
"Oh, it’s nothing strange. I’ve been down here hundreds of times already," he comforted himself. When he got to the cellar floor, he could smell a horrid stench hovering in the air. It made the hair on his skin stand. "Must be Joan." He thought.

Prince thrust the key into the huge bolt in the gate and twisted it. He hoped that Oguko had not swallowed the finger while picking on Joan’s fresh flesh. He reached for the light switch and flicked it on. The lights came on for two seconds, and then, they started flickering.

"Argh! Those blasted batteries!" Prince roared, trying to vent his frustration. He got down on his knees and started to feel for the finger. The flickering light was blurring his vision. One moment, he saw a flash, and the next, total darkness. As his knees touched the icy cold floor, he felt five sharp nails scraping the back of his neck. Panic engulfed him, as he fell to the ground and turned back to see what was there.

In the next flash, produced by the flickering lights, he saw a pale face with long messy hair. He felt something razor sharp plunge deep into his chest. He felt a large mass of blood gush out from his body, followed by such intense pain that he could not breathe. He put his hands to his chest, as he lay helpless on the ground. He felt something long buried directly into his heart, something cold and rather slimy with the contours of – a finger.

Haha, you peep's won't really get the story. I had a pretty good day today, nothing exceptionally exciting though. My English teacher, Ms Bryan, read us a fantastic short story today, entitled "Fingers". It's a very good story, full of suspense and thrill. haha, and we had to come up with the ending paragrapghs for out homework. Took me about an hour to complete it.

It was freezing cold today...been raining through the whole day. Hope the weather doesn't repeat itself tomorrow. I hate the chilling wind, makes my hands shiver. haha, well, i've gotta learn to take such conditions if i wanna live in Aus. However, i prefer the weather back in SG. It's warm and comfortable. Those back in SG will be disagreeing with me, i know, i used to love countries with cool weather. However, you'll get sick of it after a while, and you'd want warm weather again. haha...alright, i'm talking crap.

I'm gonna have athletics trials tomorrow, and i'm kindda nervous. There are a few reasons. I've always been a good sportsman by nature....haha, but the thing is, i don't train, i'm just pretty good at some things. Such as running, long-jump and some other stuff. I'm good, but not professional. Thus, i have the mentality that i'm not as good as the rest, and i usually stuff up during competitions. haha, i've stuffed up countless times in the past. Well, for tomorrow's trials, i wanna do well, on the other hand, i hope i don't do too well cuz i don't want to be selected for too many events. haiz..

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