Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New MP3!

Today was a total mix of feelings for me, both good and bad. Haha.. Here goes..

At lunch time today, i had to tidy my locker up. So i gave my soccer ball to a good friend of mine, Jason. I told him to go ahead and start the soccer game without me. I went to the field to meet up with the dudes 5 minutes later, and they were having a kick, the game had not started yet. Besides 20 of my soccer buddies, there were 2 other Year 12(JC2) dudes joining us. I wasn't took keen on letting them join us, but i decided not to make trouble. The goals weren't in place, so i got some of my buddies to help me with them while the rest were playing with the ball.

At that moment, i heard a "Ohh!!". I turned to look at my friends who were playing with the soccer ball. Guess what? One of the Year 12 dudes booted my soccer ball up onto the roof of a nearby building. -.-" i was like, wtc. The game hadn't even started yet. haiz..and he started walking away with his other Year 12 friend. haha, my friends were all too timid to call them back. So i walked up to both of them and confronted them(They looked pretty cranky, looked like gangsters, and moreover, they were 3 heads taller than me), after a some negotiations he agreed to bring a new ball next week. haha, some of my friends said that he wouldn't bring it, and other said he would bring some crappy ball. Well, i'll just do what God wants me to do.

Well, that was the down part of the day. The good part was, as you would have guessed by the look of the entry title, my parents bought a new mp3 for my sis and i! haha! One each! Well, it was on offer for 96 bucks each. Whoa, i was so delighted! Had a long time reading through the manual just then. haha, the mp3's silver in colour, about 7cm by 2 cm. And it has totally cool functions!

Thank God for it!

*Thinking of you

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