Monday, February 07, 2005

Swimming Carnival

It was my school's swimming carnival today, a competition involving four houses : Yarra,Waterloo, Forrest and Como. haha, I'm from Yarra of course.. Yarra was the champion house last year, but after today's event, i doubt that's gonna be the case for this year.

We had to walk from the school,South Yarra, all the way to MSAC, St.Kilda, a total of approxiamately 2-3km. was a really though journey because we had to carry our bags as well. But it was alright for me, cuz i had a lot of time to catch up with my good friend, Matt. We chatted about lotsa things, including my fabulous visit to Singapore. haha! The actual Swimming carnival was drop-dead boring though. I had to sit there with Matt for 3 whole hours doing nothing but cheering the house representatives on. haiz..

I knew that the Swimming carnival was sometime soon, but i didn't know it was TODAY. haha, i only knew when i got to school. Fortunately, i wasn't competing. What happened was this, i was actually selected to swim for my house. However, i was very reluctant..2 reasons:
1. I swam for my house last year, and i almost blacked out becausei swam too hard.
2. I didn't want to wear those swimming trunks in front of the whole school. haha!

So, i when to the teacher-in-charge and told him that he got my timing wrong. I told him i clocked in at 51secs instead of my real timing of 36secs. Yea, i was lying, but i seriously didn't wanna swim.

Well, i feel kindda guilty now cuz Yarra came in LAST in the Swimming carnival. An outcome that NO ONE expected..haha, Yarra's supposed to be a kick arse house. However, we dissapointed big-time today. =(

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