Thursday, February 17, 2005

Caught Up

Have you even been caught in a situation when you were paying for something at the cashier, with 20 people queing behind ya. And pressure builds up and you scream in your head, "C'mon mate! Get moving!" Just then, the cashier asks you if you've got 5 cents so that she can give you a whole change. You open your wallet and dig through the coin section, looking for a 5 cent coin. Finally you found it, but it slipped through your butter fingers, it rolls under a counter. The 20 people in the queue pressure you to hurry up. Your heart is pumping profusely and you can hear the shots of blood on the sides of your head.

Haha, a similiar thing happened to me today. Just take away the cashier, and add a driver. Add 1980 more people to the original 20, and chuck in a huge machine. haha! The train that i took home had only 3 Carriages, and each carriage was tightly packed up to the doors, literally. I was closest to the door, i was carrying my school bag, my sports bag and my blazer. At a certain station, this old lady wanted get off. I took a step out of the train so that she could get off. Just then she went, " Opps, you dropped your blazer!" I was like "What the!" My $100 blazer had slipped off my grip and fell in between the train and the platform, onto the train tracks. I ran to the driver's cabin and told him what happened. haha, ya know, trains have schedules and stuff, and this train was already behind schedule. Just then, some idiots on the train, aged about 20-23 shouted "F***'in hurry up! You can buy a new blazer on another day!". I was tempted to shout "STFU" back, fortunately, i didn't. I was relieved that he came out to help me. Another dude took at long stick and hooked my blazer up, i grabbed it quickly and got onto the train. -.-"

Thank God. My new mp3 was in the blazer as well. haha! if i had lost it, i would have jumped off a cliff. Oh yea, i had sports trials in school today, clocked in at 3 mins flat, 2 secs slower than me previous run, for the 800m run. haha, that's an alright score, glad with it. Oh, i made the school table-tennis team for the sports exchange competition coming up soon. However, i had to house my opponent, who'll be coming from Sydney, for 4 days. I was like...-.-"" I mean, i would if i was living alone. But, with my parents and esp my sis living with me, it was an immediate N-O! haha! Well, i can sacrifiace a little, doesn't matter.

Alrighty, time to get back to homework. God Bless you guys! And...if you have the time, please write a testimonial for me in Friendster. haha, if you don't just leave a TAG! Cya!

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