Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pain - Literally

Tomorrow's the day. The Day of Humiliation. The Day when i will lose to Year 9s. Haha, doesn't matter, as long as i try my best. Hey, have any of your guys tried to pray to God concerning performace? haha, i mean Physical performance. Hmm..I think i should give it a go. But that'll be cheating. haha! I'm talking nonsense.

I just added the finishing touches to a TOUGH architectural project. I'm extremely contented. haha, now to explain the title. I played soccer in school today, and i played extremely well. haha, flashes of brilliance. Alright, no more boasting. lolz..Half way through the game, my keeper booted the ball towards me, it rose high up into the sky, and i was trying to anticipate the position of its fall. Misjudged. I mean i headed it, but i headed it wrong. Somehow, the impact was focused on my jaw. It feels kindda fractured now. haha, it hurts everytime i open my mouth. Had a hard time shallowing my dinner. lolz..

Hmm...School was pretty good today, despite the Jaw incident. We got dismissed early because there was no sport. Erm...had a good talk with my good friend, Josh. Oh yea..there's something that's always getting on my nerves. haha, no offence to all my friends.'s simply when dudes rate gals aloud. I mean, it's alright if you think a gal's pretty, but you don't have to go "There's a Hot Chick". lolz..
Firstly, it's disrespecting the gal.
Secondly, you'll be tempted to draw up dirty thoughts.

Awaiting Humiliation.

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