Sunday, February 06, 2005

Fungus Groove..

Hey peeps, how're you people doing? Still very few people reading my posts. haiz..

Had a pretty fantastic day today, the worship service in Church was Awesome! Spelt with a capital A. haha, every was was meaningful and touching. I really felt like i was connected to God in worship. Tears streamed down my face as i was worshipping, when i thought of why God would love a wretch like me. Why he would leave his majastic throne in heaven, take up a human form, and suffer death on the cross for Me and You...

After church, i went for Fungus youth fellowship. haha! Chris never fails to impress, i was thrilled with how he managed the youth group. Today's session was good...we learnt about the loyalty of good friends. That some friends may put you down, but a good friend would stay loyal. haha, thank God for giving me many loyal friends!

Uncle Steven, Aunty Alicia, Aunty Macy, Uncle Amos, Uncle David and Aunty Susy came were at my house when i came back from Fungus. haha! *Takes a deep breath* They dropped by to take a look at our new house. Good to see all of them after such a long time, approxiamately 3 months.

Aunty Po Eng, her family, and a Singaporean family are coming for dinner tonight. The Singaporean family just migrated to Australia not too long ago. There are four children ranging from 13-20. haha, i'm quite excited about meeting them tonight. Hope they're good people.

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