Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank God! 1-1!

Okay, let's make a pact... you have to leave a tag on my tagboard after you've read my posts ok? haha, i seriously want to know who's reading and who's not. I wanted to get a hit-counter, but i couldn't be stuffed. pls tag. If you don't know what to say, just say "God Bless You!". haha!

My legs very sore when i woke up today. It's probably because of my atheletics trials yesterday. But i didn't care much for my sore legs, i still played soccer during lunch. haha! It wasn't hurting that much then, but NOW, it full-on canes!!!!!!!! ahh!!!

I just came back from a table-tennis competition, and i couldn't believe how badly i faired. haha, just last week, i was laughing at most of the players there. Well, this week, i laughed at myself. lolz...i played really badly, i lost my first match 3 sets to 0! That was utter humiliation. But thank God, i still had a second match to make amends. haha, my opponent wasn't too good, and i got a little cocky. I won the first set pretty easily, lost the second, won the third after a struggle, lost the fourth. and the score was 2-2. The next set was a decisive one, i was so nervous. Never expected my opponent to get two sets off me. haiz...i'm really disappointed with myself. However, i won the third set after a deuce. You have no idea how humliating that was, that i had to go through 5 sets to beat such a poor opponent. My dad was kindda disappointed as well, he didn't say it, but i could sense it. haiz... Well, thank God that i won one match! haha!

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